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What have we got in the game that can actually poison you though?

[size=100]Poisons , page 180
The Ease Factor for the initial Stamina check is at least 03 ,
as nothing weaker counts as a poison ,
and can range as high as 15.
Poisons can inflict fatal wounds from the beginning.[/size]

Monkshood 09 Heavy Wound
Arsenic[color=white]----- 09 Medium Wound

The "Sense" targets are not well explained, and to expand on what others said, if you use Intelligo to detect Magic, and use "taste" range you will be able to detect magic with your tongue. Magic might have no taste normally, it simply becomes detectable to your sense of taste. If you apply "smell" it means that your nose becomes able to detect eminations of magic. And while it works just like your normal sense of smell, such that extra powerful magic can be detected farther and subtle magic might be very hard to smell. Basically the same with hearing and sight, and while something "inside" something else like a magic gem buried in a loaf of bread might be hard to detect with sight, you could probally hear it or smell it, although it would be muffled. Then again a Story guide might allow "light" to leak out of the bread for an Intelligo Sight spell.

If all this makes you a bit uncomfortable, perhaps converting the first few ranges to actual paces distance would be more to your liking. Taste would be 0 paces, Smell would be 5 paces, Hearing 15 paces, and Vision 50 paces.