Item for Flaming (er, review)

I hope I didn't make too many mistakes, but let me know what you think...
A couple of the powers probably need tweaking a bit... :blush:

The Ocular Eye of Truth and Visions

Type: Greater Enchanted Item
Form and Materials: Gold Amulet with silver wire lattice. The Center has a Glass eye with an Emerald Center (Iris). Runes are carved on the Gold Surface, and are hard to discern due to the Silver lattice. Amongst the lattice are held various gems: A ruby, sapphire, and amber.
There is a space at the top for a small chain or cord.

The Numbers:
Size: x1
Gold: 10, Silver 6, Glass 1, Emerald 15 (its small), Ruby 20, Sapphire 20, Amber 15
Total Size Cost to open: 82 pawns of Vim Vis
Total Vis Invested (powers below): 39
Remaining space: 48

Powers and Effects:

The Gold part is inscribed with the Elder Yew Rune, and the required Verditius runes.

Sight of the True Form (pg 130)
Level: 40
Duration: Mom
Uses per day: 1
Penetration: 40
Elder Rune Penalty: 5
Maintain Concentration: 5
Total Level: 70
Intelligo Corpus Vis required: 7

Discern the Images of Truth and Falsehood (pg144)
Level: 50
Maintain Concentration: 5
Uses per Day (2): 1
Elder Rune penalty: 5
Range: Touch: 5
Total Level: 66
Intelligo/Imaginem Vis Required: 7

Summon the Distant Image (pg 145)
Level: 25
Maintain Concentration: 5
Uses per Day (24): 5
Penetration (76) 38
Total Level: 73
Intelligo/Imaginem Vis Required: 8

Linked Powers:

Remain Here
Unseen Arm (155)- Level: 5
Link to Summoning the Distant Image: 3
Maintain Concentration: 5
Uses Per Day (24): 5
Elder Rune Penalty: 5
Total Level: 23
Rego Terram Vis Required: 3

Toughness of Steel:
Changes the Properties of the Amulet. The Amulet becomes as hard as steel.
Level: 10
Constant Effect: 4
(Effect is already ‘Sun’ Duration)
Rune Penalty: 5
Total Level: 19
Muto Terram Vis Required: 2

Stop the Thief
Anyone attempting to touch/move the amulet is subject to the effect. If they speak the command words “I am your Master” the effect is not triggered (The first two words are Latin, the last two are Celtic)

The Call to Slumber: 10
Rune Penalty: 5
Penetration (80): 40
Environmental Trigger: 3
Total Level: 58
Rego Mentem Vis Required: 6

Following not needed as per discussion below...

Suppress the Sandman
When the above command word is spoken, the power suppresses the effect of “Stop the Thief”
Suppress the Wizards Handiwork (162): 50
Maintain Concentration: 5
Link to “Stop the Thief”: 3
Total Level: 58
Rego Vim Vis Required: 6

Now I run and hide in my tower from the variety of spells that are now thrown my way...

Nice Thing... but...ähm you will ned a Mt score of 44 to open it for enchantment ...
Even with Verditius powers and cost reducing this should be a BIT hard...

I would change the artifact: only enchant the gems with the Intellego spells and the amulett (which is another item) with the anti-thief-spells.

If you do it this way it would be easy to put more spells in the item: just add a new enchanted gem or whatever to the amulett, in order to do this you only have to leave mundane space for additional parts on the amulett (so you wont have to change the shape of the magical item).

You could spare the Toughness of Steel spell because the amulett could be made of steel and the gem should be hard enough.

The maker is a Jeweler. Its a piece of Jewelry, so its made of those things that a jeweler would use.

I concur..except...

... on page 128, HoH: MC it says:

Did I interpret this incorrectly?

If I am understand this correctly, this is within the ability of the creator...

Thank you.

I could see magic theory 10, philosophae 8, craft score 7 and the eldar verdious runes mystery to get the job done, but for the most part, I agree with Lucius

I don't think that the surpress the wizard's handiwork effect is necesary, I would allow an environmental trigger of "when touched or moved by anyone who didn't just say the command word" to be used for Stop the Theif.

What are you trying to do with linking summoning the distant image and unseen arm? (I don't have my book here. Do you want to manipulate bjects far away?)

Why is there penetration on sumoning the distant image? Are you expecting to scry into areas protected by an aegises?

I'd also want to check and see if penetration is necessary on dicern the images of truth and falsehood.

No, you're right. Just everybody doesn't have that book memorized, so your reference to Verditius Runes flew over some of our heads.

If you are initiated into the Minor Verditius Mystery Elder Runes you're able to use Magic Theory x Philosophiae in pawns per season.

Ok with this scores it could be done... but thats what I call high scores :wink:

And if you didnt want to use stell, what about other hard materials? Bronce pherhaps?
Personally I would do this in order to save a season and the Vis...

Ahhh Confusion! :laughing:

One of the Tweaks I was mentioning. I wasn't sure I COULD do it that way...

Summoning the distant image: The image it projected from the Glass Eye.
(Belief then was that the eye shot out 'beams' that allowed you to see, so I feel thats within the system of beliefs)

The unseen arm holds the amulet in place (floating in the air?, so the Magus can sit back and enjoy the show... :blush:
Yeah, a little showy, but I thought the effect 8)

Following my sodalis so that my timely intervention can occur...True. (with their permission of course)

I don't believe there is, because you are simply sifting through the various species..true ones or false ones..


:blush: [size=75]Sorry, no offense intended...[/size] :blush:

Ah, but the size allows more powers to be put in...
With the space left I could put many more Intelligo spells in it (plus other effects that are forthcoming)

Whoops I thought that I had seen it on your effect description. Apparently I was rushing to get my post up too quickly.

What is everyones opinion on this? I can go with it...but I am interested in what everyone else thinks...My opinion was that I might be asking too much
of the spell to combine all that into one...

I would allow the use of an environmental trigger to eliminate the second spell.

In general, I favor a relatively expansive scope for the environmental trigger. The subject has been discussed in more depth before, but I can (mostly) sum up the discussion in two points. First, convenience. Second, those published devices built with environmental triggers seem to allow a great deal of leniency in setting the triggering condition. (See the Semita Errabunda "Fire Guardian" and GotF "Crystal of a Hundred Candles.")

Nice. Thats what I was looking for. My thanks. That helps a bit.


Now I can continue...

Do you need to use the runes for the lower level effects?

The unseen arm could be done without it, same for the toughness of Steel effect. It would save you some space....

The Rune takes one pawn to invest it upon the item. It therefore inhabits every power in the item. No choice... . Its nice for certain effects though, so its worth burdening one or two low level effects to benefit the more powerful ones...