Item for Moderation - Mage's Skull

Description :
The skull of a dead magus/maga with their soul bound permanently into it.

Use :
Allows a dead magus/maga to be questioned even after death, by anyone posesing their skull.

Effects :
1/ Whispers Through The Black Gate
InCo(Me) 5 (Personal/Momentary/Individual)
+14 Constant, (Sun,environmentaltrigger,uses/day)
+11 Penetration (Penetration 22)
Effect Level 30

2/ Coerce The Spirits Of The Night (Variant)
ReMe 5 Personal/Momentary/Individual
+14 Constant (Sun,environmentaltrigger,uses/day)
+11 Penetration (Penetration 22)
Effect Level 30

Total Construction Vis Cost = 9 for enchantment prep and 6 for enchantment, and 1 to fix the skull as an AC.
ISTR that an AC that is fixed uses 1 pawn of the enchantment space, leaving only 2 pawns available.
(This might mean that you need one less pawn as part of enchantment prep.)

Penetration is included, as some beings can cquire might post mortem, magi for their highest form score IIRC.

The two points of this device are that in our saga (YSMV) we found ourselves up against a highly skilled maga, who was an enemy of the order. As she was so skilled, our ethical necromancer (makes fake bodies to animate) wanted to keep her around for teaching purposes.
The other reason is that TBH after spending 6 months real time and several years game time chasing this maga, we wanted to prove that the havoc wasnt our fault (at least mostly), so wanted something to show the Quisators. Ad in a side order of "so this is effectively torture for the dead? OK, give the skull to the nec." and you've got it.

I'm thinking that as you still need to actually coerce the spirit, effect 2 needs upgrading, but I've not seen any rules on how much to add to remove a dice roll. I'd assume at least 1 magnitude though.

anyway, thoughts? ideas? comments? (other than "why not just use whispers? its not eactly high level?")

Nice one. Only minor detail is that it is the GHOST that gets trapped. Souls go directly to the highest bidder, be it God or Satan. I guess Satan won the auction in this case. :slight_smile:


I knocked up some spells for wrangling spirits a little while ago that might serve to coerce, or punish.. ... ng-ghosts/ ... ernal-joy/ ... -overlord/ -- this has the spell to torture the dead.

Cheers IBT

This looks a lot like a re-hash of this thread:
You might also want to visit the references therein, mainly HoH: TL (Tremere chapter).

Ah well. Guess i should have checked the forum before i built the item.

No worries - I'm pretty sure I posted one of these topics too, a while back :slight_smile:

Well, if we took that to extreme we might have very little discussion. Even if a thread isn't all that old, having new threads on similar topics isn't a bad thing, as people might have a completely different take on something. Or completely different people might be viewing your post, but missed the other post.

And if you find yourself wanting the ability to have more effects in it, you can for example add a pair of gemstones in it´s eyesockets or something equally thematically "nice". :wink:

Not to mention the fact that even if you search, sometimes it´s insanely hard to find even threads you KNOW exists.

I wasn't trying to discourage you (and infct very much hope I didn't!), but it's such a classic item that it does crop up a lot. :slight_smile: