Item Material Questions: Serpent Egg and Ink of Hermes?

On the full S&M table from atlas games, "Ink of Hermes" is isted - what is that???

And RoP:Magic lists under 'Magic Objects' a Serpent Egg/Ovum Anguinu (or something?) is that a stone/gem or what?

Can anybody help med with that?

For the serpent's egg IIRC you hgave to look under enriched items. It was one of the things you could enrich.


Yes, that's where I found it. But what is the basic item? Where can it be found? Is it a stone found in a snake? A petrified snake egg? A gemstone? Simply a stone with bumps on the outside, as it is describes as in the text?

It can be found where the SG chooses and with the rarity he deems right. It is a magical stone that looks as the text describes; arguably, not every stone that looks like that would be a serpent's egg, but at least some are. Essentially, it's just a hyped-up Vis source or treasure. Place it as befits the saga. In general, from the name and sympathies I'd have it found yearly at the glade at the heart of Razorfang Forest or somesuch.

As for the Ink of Hermes, this is described in TMRE p. 34 as simply an ink, made from exotic materials. Supposedly anyone could create it from said materials, with whatever skill is used to make inks (since it is mentioned in alchemical works, I suppose Philosophiae would do).

There it is! Thanks.