Item to be discussed: The Sylph

A group of Ex Miscellanea magi set up a covenant, sponsored directly by their Primus. They were selected just out of apprenticeship (to prevent past history, dubious reputation and such) to collaborate on the Primus' big plan: restore pride to the House, and try to federate the house by showing that the diversity of Ex Miscellanea is a great source of strength. So they were assigned with the task of building an Hermetic shipyard, then the Hermes (as per Hermetic Project). The magi are coming from all kind of traditions: Rusticani with dowsing, Tempestria, Giant-blooded Spirit-binding magus and so on. The only exception is the presence of one young Verditius magus who was enticed with the promise that the Shipyard will be under his responsability and eventually his.

So after about five years after establishing their Covenant (closer to Summer than Spring thanks to their sponsorship), they finished buidling the Shipyard (in a mountain range, with abundant woods and no mundane guild to suspect a shipyard several hundred miles from the coast) thank to one of them beeing a Craft magus :smiley: (refer to a previous post where I was asking advice).

Their first item they built is... The Sylph
The Sylph is a small fishing boat about 4 meters long (12-13 feet) made of oak, a sail (there mostly for decoration as the boat does not need it). The onyl noticeable feature (along with the very nice craftmanship) is the handle of the rudder being adorned with an agate.

First season: Partial opening of the Sylph: 12 points virtus for the Agate, shape and form bonus: +4 affect dead wood, +3 Auram.

Second Season: The Sky is my River (from the Sky is my Ocean, hermetic project): ReHe 34 (Base 3, +3 Str, +1 Conc, +1 for speed as a running horse, +5 maintain Conc, +6 50/d; +3 effect use (holder of the Sylph Symbol). Allows the Sylph to fly as quickly as a running horse, keeping the direction set by her master.

Third Season: The Hut Remade: Re(Mu)Te 20 (Base 3, +2 Group, +1 Conc, +5 maintain Conc; +2 3 use/d, +3 environnement trigger: Sunset/sundawn). Turn the Sylph into a small hut. Incidentally, the hut can fly thanks to The Sky is my River. More often, it is used to set the hut in the trees, away from annoying visitor. The environmental trigger prevent the hut to reverse to a ship would her owner not be around.

Fourth Season: Cloak of Cloud: CrAu13 (Base 2, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +1 unnatural, +5 maintain Conc, +3 6 use/d). Create around and under the hull a cloud. When it is flying, it is just another cloud in the sky (albeit possibly flying quickly against the wind).

Fifth Season: A Sky of Clouds: CrAu18 (Base 2, +3 Sight, +2 Sun, + 3 6 use/d). Fill the Sky surrounding the Sylph with Clouds, so the Sylph herself is more inconspicuous (as long as it goes with the wind :mrgreen: )

There was no mage with a CrAu labtot of 62 available to invest both last effects in one season, but more experienced magi would have to issue with this task.

For a total of 10 spaces used out of 12 (plus another possibly 10 if the hull is fully opened).
The agate is part of the boat and the Sylph was open as a compound item, with only the highest element being opened (the agate), yet giving full benefit of the shape & material bonus coming from the boat itself.

It will be extensively used by Maodhog the Sourcerer (Rustician magi with Dowsing) to collect virtus in unclaimed area, and to be an effective and relatively discreet means of transport and communication... I would not be surprised if he would spend more time on the Sylph than in his lab since he really enjoy the thrill of high speed flying and the feeling of freedom it comes with. I am sure, he is going to be good friend with a few Redcaps as well :smiley: .

The only enchantment I have doubt is the Sky is my River. In Hermetic project, it is a level 35 spells (before enchantments modifiers) and it does not move the vessel itself, only make it gently float. However, in Legends of Hermes (p123), the Floating Castle is using much lower spell to have a floating, quickly moving base.
So I tried to reconstruct the effect from scratch:
Base 3: Move wood and plants, +3 from Ind to Structure, +1 from Mom to Conc and this is the base for the Floating Castle. I found it a bit low, so I added a +1 to increase the speed from man to horse (I know there is no guideline on that). All in all the final effect level is between what is given in Hermetic Projects and Legends of Hermes, so I am feeling comfortable with that.

Final comment, a boat of this size does not need a Hermetic Shipyard to be built, but in this case, the +10 specialisation bonus for boat was a nice (and needed) bonus for mages only 6-8 years out of apprenticeship.

A few quick observations:

  1. A lone cloud in the sky is not really conspicuous. I've seen it quite a few times. And wind high up can be blowing in the opposite direction to what you have on the ground. So again, unless someone is suspicious to begin with (or the cloud starts zig-zagging or performing Immelmanns) it should not arouse suspicions.

Makes a lot of sense, with one exception: you don't need the +3 effect use. To "use" the Sylph, you have to manipulate the handle of the rudder in the appropriate way, that's the physical trigger. This drops the effect to ReHe31. Given this, I'd drop usage to 24/d (+5), which is plenty, and brings you down to ReHe30 and just 3 pawns of vis. If you were willing to make it fly only as quickly as a normal boat sails, I'd even drop the +1 modifier for speed.

I don't think you need Rego; and I'd say it's MuHe, not MuTe.

I like this idea and may acquire it myself.

In fact, I forgot to mention that this was a security so nobody without the Sylph sigil could fly it. And since it has not been really well outfitted to sail without magic, overall, it is an awkward boat to steal.

But you made a good suggestion to save a pawn of virtus and make the enchantment easier.

Dear sodales-customer,
There is a 5 seasons leadtime to delivery. The total paiment is 35 paws (22 to be used during the enchantment), half to be paid on order, the other half on delivery.
If you wish to pay in Summae or Tractus, please contact Yngvard the Whistler. We are especially looking for Techniques Summae (Intellego, Perdo and Muto in this order of priority) of at least level 12.

Alternatively, we can trade the laboratory notes for four Tractatus of minimum quality 10.

This quotation is valid until January 1228.

You've made an old man very happy.