No, you fail, it is not good. It is the opposite of good.

You deserve to have Jason Statham make 47 more Crank sequels in your country.

A reply?



You can't reply!

You're a spammer! Spammers don't reply! Learn how to spam! You're breaking the damned internet, cqshao! :angry:

Best one, today! :smiley:

Why do the mods not just delete the whole thread? Or is it bots that just sweep the bots out?

I don't know why the whole thread isn't deleted either - but it makes really strange reading until you realise that part of thread has been removed.

For the longest time I thought there was this weird spammer called jpneok :laughing: You probably shouldn't reply to spammers!

How else do I show off my UGH BOOTS though?!

yeah I see what you did there - very nice, well done :smiley: