Jan 1225- island explorers

I like Faerie auras. Plus there are probably some vis sources lying around in here. I could ceremonially cast to look for some if you want.

To whom was the question directed?

Faeries? Lord preserve us. I have heard many tales of their behaviour. Should we not be beating a hasty retreat?

The other magi.

Alexander cautions (in purple): "Let's not rush anything. I don't want to upset the inhabitants of this island. We'll need food and water and rest. Maybe, we'll even stay here for a while, at least until thecaptain knows where we are. "

(issue clarified, posting to keep thread current, if you are waiting for the captain you will want to head back to the landing point. Keep in mind you have taken 1/3 of your day to get here, it is another 1/3 of the day back, and you are essentially advocating leaving after the most basic investigation possible. I mean nobody has even thrown a pebble in the water or anything...)

I don't think that looking for vis sources will upset anyone. Also stop being so scared of the Fae. That just makes things worse.

Alexander just shrugs. He assumes that everyone knows about molesting the Fay, and he knows that he's an unlikely candidate to die should they turn out to be hostile.

So are you looking for vis or just talking about it?

Galenos has nothing further to add, and is just continuing to be pessimistic in the corner. He'll do whatever the magi choose, as they evidently know more about the Fae.

Unless someone stops her she'll look for vis! Using exaggerated gestures and ceremonial casting will give her an 8 to start with. If she gets an 8 she'll just use the detect vis guideline and the hearing target. (Mom duration, personal target). Everything else goes into duration if she gets exploding dice. 1 EXPLOSION! 10 That adds 20 from the stress. So we get a 28, or a level 14 spell. I believe that makes it third magnitude, sun duration, hearing target, detecting vis, after spending 45 minutes casting.

The beach is fairly littered with vis- the gold and silver scales contain a pawn each, with there being 31 pawns of each color.

There is plenty of vis here. I count 62 pawns, or more if we are really lucky I suppose. Its probably Faerie judging from the aura. Each of the scales has vis. We might be able to just take it, but we very well could offend some Faerie. We could try to call up the Fae to bargain with it. However, I can hear vis until sunset, we might consider exploring the rest of the island for vis, and I don't think there is any reason to rush things.

The spell technically doesn't give amount, only if something contains it.

It would appear that all the other magi are napping.

Tweedledee : Guys do not want to command but the time is running. Either we're going to those caves and maybe sleep over there (and find some food on the way if possible. Even if we can stay without fodd/water for a night without any damages). Or we're doing something here before going back to the sheep for the night

OOC: It would appear that Aqua has been over a week without logging in, we should proceed without awaiting his input- Lamech, are you gathering vis, investigating further, or heading back to meet the ship?

Personally I vote for heading back to the ship. Yup, and when we get their start a some what well patterned search for more vis.

Would you head back the way you came or over the mountain?

Yup! Its a terrible idea to try and find a new path when we already have one.

The return trip yields no sounds of any additional vis, and it is late afternoon by the time you arrive back at the landing beach.