Jan 1225- island explorers

The band assembles on the beach- sound off, get organized, then decide whether to follow the coastline or head over the mountain.

Cheers folks ! This seems a fucking wonderful land. Or not.
So I suggest that Tweedledee and I, Tweedledum, will go front row, no rear guard. I hardly imagine that an evil fish will try to backstab us. So, where re we going first ? The cave, the other cave or the next one cave? :smiley:

When he steps onto the island, Alexander takes a few grains of sand into his hands and slowly lets them run through his fingers.

ooc: He casts one (or more) non-stressful spontaneous spells to learn the aura and its strength (if any). He tries magic, then fairie, then infernal, and finally divine until he finds something (if there is an aura at all): In 5 + Vi 12 + 2 Int + 1 or more dice roll = 20 or more; lvl 4: See spell p. 157, +1 lvl for aura strength. No need for him to wave arms or speak.

The beach has no aura. The bay which was reported to have an aura is across the island.
FYI you add stamina, not int, though for you they are the same value.

Assuming no one ordered him not to go, Vassos will be ashore with the grogs.

My companion is also likely here; he should be built later today.

Galenos splashes onto the beach, then lifts his face to the heavens:

"In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritūs Sancti. Oh Lord, who rescued Jonah from the deep and in latter days saw fit to shipwreck your servant Paul, we thank you that you have let us land upon this island, and did not forsake us through the storm. Grant, oh Lord, continuing safety and succour to your servants; let us not be set upon by wild animals, or attacked by savage men, or eat of poisonous fruit, or fall from the high places; for such are the dangers of the unknown lands. But let all be in accordance with thy divine will. In the name of Christ, Amen."

Alexander realizes that no one else is likely to take the lead and so he points towards the aura and says, first in Latin and then in Greek: "This way!"
Without looking back, he starts moving at a brisk pace.

ooc: let's go where the action is.

Haha ! Let's go find some weird stuffs ! said the twins brothers following Alexander.
Vassos is marching along with Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Are they headed down the beach or over the mountain?

Beach first

As you follow the beach it begins to climb gently to a rocky incline beside the sea, gentle enough when approached from this direction but difficult to climb to the ridge if approached by sea. You spot goats grazing contentedly on the grasses growing in various outcroppings on this rocky hillside. Further inwards you see bushes with small red berries.

Galernos: "This... is a peaceful place. It is almost as if God were here."

[Galernos is sensing Holiness and Unholiness: Per 2 + SHaU 4 + simple die of 10 = 16, 17 if Holiness present. That should detect anything in the area.]

There is no sense of holiness in the area.

You continue to travel along the coast for half a day through rough terrain before you approach the bay- the bay itself has a fairly rocky shore as well but is unusually clear of seaweed and the smell of rotting sea life that gets washed ashore. instead you see splotches of what seem to be either fish scale or perhaps some kind of reptile, but they do not rot. The majority are a dark green color but there are occasional glimpses of silver and gold mixed in as well. The water is dark, not muddy like you might expect but as if somehow daylight simply ends at the water's surface.

Galenos: "This is a curious place. I have spent my life wandering the byways of Greece, and never have I seen a beach so unfettered by flotsam and jetsam. I fear it must portend some unnatural influence."

(ooc: Is Sense Holiness... an "always on" ability? That is, does Galenos have to explicitly check anything he's interested in, or does he stand a chance to get a feeling automatically whenever he's in an Holy/Unholy area? If it's not automatic, he's not checking here)

Again, Alexander lets a few grains of sands run through his fingers.

ooc: up to 4 spells cast without gestures or speaking or stress to determine aura and strength (like above)

There is a faerie aura here, strength 3.

Alexander looks around and says, in both Latin and Greek: "We're in a moderate fairie aura, it seems. Caution is advised".

ooc: formulaic spell - Piercing the fairie veil (InVi20, p. 158), no sound, no gestures, no chance of failing. Let's see if there is a regio!

No regio

Tweedledee : "Faerie, faerie...You mean pixies and this kind of stuff ? Do we have to be afraid of this ?"
Tweedledum : "We can change our formation. My brother or I on front and Vassos and the last one on the sides rear"
[i]Tweedledum draws on the ground with his spear