Jan 1225 - the foreboding island

Angie speaks up And my first demon. And to think I was happy to get off the boat.

Poseidon's beard ! At least I'm going to have a souvenir. Anyone an idea? A Castor's arm would be helpful :smiley:

ooc: who has the grogs in this scene?

Ilia blinks in surprise when the man speaks, and immediately starts to cast a spell. Once again, the infernal aura interferes with her magic, which escapes her control.

OOC: She's casting Strike of the Cyclopes, as a formulaic spell should be relatively safe to do. It's level 20, her casting score is: Cr 5, Au 5, Sta 3, presumably with -4 for the infernal aura. Luck is clearly with her, as I rolled another 10 :frowning: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4335796/. This mean the spell fails, as the casting total is only 9. Checking for botches, I get one 10 on five dice (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4335801/), so it's definitely a botch. On the plus side, at least she's not going into Twilight...

ooc: We have a lucky guy here ! :smiley:

Not so much. The aura apparently likes violence, and the poor man is incinerated o the spot. Everyone around Ilna however also gets hit with 5 fire damage- singing hair but most will be able to avoid real damage with their soaks. As the group recovers, another sailor walks down the gangplank with black eyes laughing. "What will happen when we run out of sailors to play this game with?

FYI, I keep track of warping for each realm separately- this one counts as infernal warping.

So anyone have a Divine Symbol on them?, Angie asks Mines in my room.
(Also Angie took a medium wound! Go crap soak. If she was close enough? Was she close enough, she wouldn't be particularly keen on mixing it up with a demon.)

(ooc: Even with soak as Small Frame Aurore is taking a wound. By the way I'm talking by default in greek)
By Hades ! Ilia ! You're supposed to burn the demon, not us!
I do not have religious trinkets with this outfit. If he's going to switch body every time we burn him, can't we try to root him or anything like that ? Can't you ward us against him ! Damn you're magus ! My brother would have done something ! He is the best ! Even though he sis never here when I need him.

It no my fault that they twist my magic - you deal with them if you want to! Ilia says in broken Greek, almost shouting.

OOC: Ilia's magic isn't particularly useful against demons (even when the spells don't botch). She can throw a decent punch, but talking is not her strong point. If someone wants to pursue a diplomatic or magical (we do have another mage on the island?) line, please go ahead - we can always revert to plan punch-the-demon if that fails :slight_smile: Also, I appear to have taken a 'bad luck' flaw without noticing :laughing:

Castor doesn't attack, but keeps himself ready to take the damage of any attack intended to hurt the magi.

ooc: This combat feels wrong. Do we not roll initiative?

That's probably because the demon hasn't attacked, only menaced.

((We aren't actually attacking the demon. I'm pretty sure the demon is content to let us kill all of the sailors if we feel like it actually. Unless we are trying to beat each other to the punch its all good.
Edit: Didn't see silveroaks post. What he said.))

Fine Illia, fine. Nothing personal I'm just a bit upset by my burns...

Talking to the sailor demon loudly in Latin if I'm following correctly
Man, man...We surely started on a wrong step. We may settle this without toasting each other this will lead to nothing to you right ?
Starting to talk faster / No punctuation on purpose
'Cause y'know we'r just bunch of pitty people look at her she nearly killed us all Not good not good. Maybeletting us go and we come back later and play just give us a name and an address and we'll stop for sure !! Ho for sure she will stop by your house and warm it right sister ! Right !? Ok so it's a dea...hmmm I mean we'll come bak later right ?

ooc : Trying to guile him. Ho I know this is a cheap trick but it's the best I have :smiley: ( Guile 3 (+1 if fast talk) +dice...10 this is a botch...And my botch dice is...A 10 !!! Guys. Let's burn KathD and his/her bad luck mojo. So this is completely falied and this is going to be veeery bad :smiley:

(I believe Karpos may be with the grogs, if he's of more use, Aqua)

Assuming that doesn't work and nothing too bad happens(!), Pierus (who you haven't noticed until now :slight_smile:) speaks up, in Latin: "Who are you? And what do you want with us?"

"I was planning to hunt you down and kill you slowly as you explored this island, don't suppose you are going to agree to that. I suppose I still could, but this seems like more fun- anyone who wants off this island must pay me tribute, debase themselves before me and accept my mark that you belong to me. Otherwise..." He looks at his knife idly and grins.

I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we would rather die.

Euphemia had quietly observed. While she didn't easily fade in the background, the demon's attention was distracted.

She had made the Sign of the Cross and pointed at the deck, indicating that the sailors should retrieve a crucifix, if any were on board, and she also indicates the oars, that they should start out and begin to make for the other ship. Then, she had bent over to scoop up a handful of ashes from the burnt man.

Midway through the creature's speech, she holds out her hands and lets the ash fall through the fingers of her right hand into her left hand. She shouts, "Socordia, lay thy shawl and blessing upon this man, who suffers under the yoke of wakefulness!"

Euphemia casts The Call to Slumber. If the demon is unconscious, it shouldn't be able to "jump."


Casting total, with exaggerated voice and gestures, is 18. Penetrates Magic Resistance 10 with a short-lived sympathetic connection.

Halfway through the incantation the man's eyes change from solid black to a more natural brown. Whether the now incorporeal demon slumbers or not is beyond your knowing.

As the man collapses, Ilia runs onto the ship, shouting at the others to follow her and also ordering the sailors to move out immediately.

Once onboard, she draws a chalk circle around the rowers*, and then bows her head for a moment in prayer, reciting as much as she can remember of the only Christian prayer she knows "Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum." Her prayer complete, she tries to cast another spell, and a pale purple dome springs into existence.


  • or whichever bit of the ship seems most important for moving it
    She's casting Circular Ward against Demons. Casting score is a huge 4 (Rego 5, Vim 0, Sta 3, Aura -4). She doesn't roll a zero! (clearly praying is the way to avoid the botch curse of the infernal aura :wink: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4338097/ This would produce a level 3 ward (woop woop), but Ilia spends a confidence point, so it's a level 5 ward. Fear her mighty magical power!

The man, now unpossessed and conscious (the link was to the demon, not the man), returns to the ship with you. You appear to escape, nobody senses any impending danger or invisible forces nearby. When the sails are back up the man explains "The demon tried to make me attack you magae, and the wrongness of it allowed me to free myself of it's control."