Jan 1225 - the foreboding island

As the ship pulls closer to the island it is clear there is, or maybe was, an outpost here, a handful of buildings cluster around the dock, one of them burned nearly to the ground. There is a smell of death about the place, and as you approach there seems to be a line in the ocean, not one you can see but one you feel as you cross it and tempers rise. There are no people outside as you approach the dock, and the group which has decided to explore this island disembarks...

Castor is the first to jump from the ship, weapon in hand - viligant and ready to strike at any danger to the magi he is here to protect.

Aurore takes a a last look to her brother and disembarks.
She's wearing her quiled clothers under some sailor clothes. Dagger ready to be drawn.
Standing near Castor (She' letting him to be on the front row :slight_smile: ) she's trying to spot anything abnormal in range of sight (Awareness 4 + 3 sighting bonus + Die)

Ilia follows the others from the ship. "I do not like this place - wait one moment". She sniffs the air as she casts a spell, hoping that her fears are unwarranted.
OOC: Ilia casts a fatiguing spontaneous InVi spell to detect if there's an Infernal aura here (she's not trying to measure it's strength, only if one is present). Base effect 1, +2 magnitudes for smell, total effect level 3. Ilia has Intellego 5, Vim 0 and Stamina 2, for a total of +7 to her roll. Annoyingly, the die comes up a 10 (invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4331270), so she has to check for a botch :frowning:. I don't know how many botch dice to roll, as if we are in an non-magical aura, I'll get 1 per point of aura. Do you want to roll this for me? If there's a divine aura (any strength) or infernal aura (more than 1), the spell also fails :blush:
I'd like to thank my overconfident flaw for preventing any plan revolving around getting the InVi specialist from the other island to do this...

My mage will have disembarked, and be looking around with curiosity mingled with concern. Any further actions will have to wait.

Karpos the cook is available to the grog unit if the Captain wants to order him ashore.

5 botch dice.

Ilia splutters slightly as she attempts to cast her spell. Hoping that no-one has noticed, she tries again, speaking and gesturing clearly.

OOC: No zeroes on the botch dice, yay! http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4331370/ I assume from the number of botch dice that there's a sufficiently large unfriendly aura to prevent Ilia's spell from working. Try number 2, this time with the bonuses from speaking loudly and with big gestures. Her total is +9, and this time she rolls a 5 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4331373/. The spell (to detect an infernal aura) works!

She smells sulpher and blood, sure signs of a demonic aura.

Angie will join this island exploration group as well. Simply happy to be off the horrible contraption which is a boat.

"This place is tainted, and marked by the forces of Hell." , Ilia says, sighing. Reluctantly, she says " I think we should avoid this outpost for now, and return later with more strength to raze it to the ground. I suggest we sail the boat around the island to see if there are any other cursed places."

The sickly trees extend along the coast as far as you can see from here.

We won't settle here for sure but it would be a shame to not going a bit forward. At least trying to know what danger would exist here.
She's trying to determine if there are people watching at them or at sight 16 (Awareness 4 +1 alterness + 3 sighting bonus + 8 1d10=8 )

There does not appear to be anyone watching, if there is they are eithr extremely good at hiding or have some mystical means of remaining undetected.

Euphemia had dallied behind for a while, examining some native flowers that she had never seen before. She jogs to catch up to the group and brings up the rear. Her brilliant red hair is bound up into two thick braids at the base of her skull, which fall past her waist, and her long, white skirt trimmed with blue billows in the faint sea breeze.

Brightly, "Salwe, everybody! We're all looking nervous; how can I help?"

She is either oblivious to the dark aura of the place or is purposefully ignoring it.


Euphemia does have the ability to both sense danger and to see invisible things. Just in case either is pertinent, I'll go ahead and make a couple rolls.


Premonitions: 9 (10 if threat is supernatural)
Second Sight: 8 (9 if faeries are involved)

Euphemia senses a very imminent source of great danger- a sense of being watched by something malign, and the impression of eyes, ebony and flat bearing malice fill her consciousness.

Euphemia grabs Hector's shoulder with one hand, Castor's with the other.

Firmly and loudly, "Draw your weapons; an enemy is near!"

She lets go and repeats the same to Ilia, but in Latin, adding "You are right; we should return to the ship."

"Let us away to the ship, be off from this place, and return later with more strength."

She waves her arm in the signal of "follow me, let's go this way," and she runs back towards the ship. Fortunately, it's in sight, or she would probably end up at some other part of the beach.

Damn ! I'm so frustrated. Not being able to take a glimpse of what is lurking over there. But if you say so let's retreat to the ship and head to another island
Aurore is carrefully retrating with the other, dagger drawn

Ilia nods at Euphemia's words, and reluctantly follows her onto the ship.

OOC: So, are there any other islands to explore, or are we stuck with this one and we need to find a place that's not infested with demon cooties to make landfall?

I was waiting a bit for everyone to react...

As the group turns to reboard the ship a sailor walks down the gangplank towards them, his eyes a solid ebony black, and when he speaks his voice sounds strange, tortured. "Leaving so soon? I was hoping for a little fun." The man is casually holding his knife by his side, drawn.