Jarkman's NaGaDeMon Epic Fail :(

OK, so 30 Redcap Magic Items in a month seemed achievable right?

Wrong. :frowning:

Life does that - sickness in the family, unexpected pressures at work, trying to buy (and sell) a house while planning a trip to Europe etc etc.

Although it doesn't excuse anything, I notice that the other attempts at NaNoWriMo / NaGaDeMon simialrly stalled.
(Although Timothy's "Vanilla Covenant" project seems to be faring well, even though he is the first to admit he's not really playing by the rules).

Still, it was a real fun start and one post and page per week on my blog wasn't a bad achievement compared to some of the months I've been blogging. I'm really proud of the makila (walking sticks) and lickstone concepts - sure I lifted the latter concept completely from Timothy and just rebadged it for ArM5, but it seems a given to me that magical golden dental plates are a must for any self-respecting fashion conscious 13th century Redcap! :slight_smile:

I found by focusing on a particular topic I actually managed to accumulate a lot of interesting ideas that I'll hopefully use in the future - tattoos, Faeries as Items, magical feathers and much much more (perhaps even Marco's amazing Faerie shoes). It also got me thinking about some other concepts: low-level common items with basic magics, the role of hedge magic items for Redcaps, mutable items complements, guidelines for single-use items and their replacements, Redcaps using stories as items, Faerie Item Companions, the interaction between Faerie charms and Redcaps... I think there's actually a lot to be explored here so I do want to eventually write a full 30 posts / pages on Redcap magic items.

On a technical note, I also learnt quite a bit more about blogging style and formatting, which I think will help as I evolve the rest of the blog and go back and correct some of the issues I had initially with formatting exported text from cut files of supplements or Sub Rosa articles.

Thanks to those who commented on the forums or on the blog in any case!


Y&ou can still work and keep it up later on. For me the covenant idea was a project, not a NaGaDeMon at all, though: I plan to go through it and finish it. Rushing it in a month was never my idea. I enjoyed your items :slight_smile: You can continue with them or not. In either case, thanks for the input you provided: useful, and I have saved them up for reference when I introduce Redcap NPCs :slight_smile:


Thanks Xavi.

I should hopefully be able to post the tattoo and feather ideas shortly - the main problem is as I write I keep coming up with extra concepts and ideas so it takes real discipline to "finish" the piece and post it / publish it on the blog. Then again, that's the beauty of this format - I can go back and edit / tweak / add extras that i can't with an official piece or even with a Sub Rosa article.

BTW, I forgot to mention I have actually posted the 5th instalment "Not Just any Old Tarnkappe" on my blog and in the main 30 Redcap Magic Items thread. I'll keep adding material to both as they develop I promise!