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dug up an old one:

Lucky Wodin Whoreson, the pirate

  • 1 greedy
  • 1 story: Visions
    -3 Outlaw
    -1 Weakness gambling
    -1 Afflicted tongue
    -1 Disfigured
    -1 Missing eye
  • 1 fluctuating fortune (from A&A p. 134: alternating: one year virtue rich, the next year poor flaw)

3 Ways of the sea (Can this be made to include coasts – so he gets those benefits for beach operations too?)
1 Premonitions [associated with the magic realm]
1 Perfect balance
1 Affinity with a skill that fits (weapons sth)
1 tough
1 puissant weapons sth
1 Self-confident
1 Luck

Int 0 Pe +1
Com -2 Pr -2
Sta +2 Str +2
Dex +2 Quk +2

Early childhood:
Native Language Gaelic (Hebrides) 5
Athletics (Climbing) 2
Brawl (dagger) 2
Survival (fishing) 1
Awareness (seeing things at a long distance) 1
Swim (Salt Water) 1

Wodin was born on Skye. His mother was a red-haired public woman who found her customers among the fishermen, smugglers and pirates. Her hands were as large as bed-pans and her voice as deep and loud as any man’s. She had no idea who his father was, but as she said: “He was a sailor - that’s all I can say for sure.” Wodin’s childhood environment was marked by loose morals, hard drinking and periodic violence, and there was never shortage of rough father figures for him to imitate. One of these encounters left him with a permanent scar in the face and a lisp (his face is slightly asymmetrical).
He became a rather violent child, who nursed his bruises in his frequent bruises in his secret hiding place: A small cave in the cliffs.

Later life
Year 6: Wodin: Wodin stays at home, and learns about drinking, and gambling [Carousing (games of chance) 2]
Year 7+8: Wodin’s mother is stabbed to death by a suitor. Wodin puts a knife in him, runs away and is taken on as a ship’s boy by a smuggler. [Profession: Sailing (Irish Sea) 2, Area Lore Irish Sea (Coast) 2]
Year 9: The smuggler is caught by the authorities. All the adults are hanged, the boy has an eye put out.
He starts seeing things with his blind eye. Folk Ken (authorities) 1, Premonitions 2]
Year 10-18: Wodin is taken on by another vessel – pirates. There he spends the next ten years of his life living the cruel life of a pirate, and gets promoted to the position of Watch leader. He also acquires a reputation for being the luckiest bastard on the seas that surround Albion. He warns the other pirates that their last trip is going to end in disaster, but they scoff at his murky predictions. So he leaves the ship, only to learn of their bloody end at the hand of a rival pirate group some days later. His visions then lead him to Ailsa Craig, where he finds refuge, good pay, and magi who might eventually explain[Single Weapon (Axe) 5+2, Carousing to 3, Profession Sailor to 4, Area Lore Irish Sea to 3, Premonitions to 4, Leadership (ship) 1]

Athletics (Climbing) 2 [+6 for perfect balance if applicable, +3 for Ways of the sea if applicable]
Area Lore Irish Sea (Coasts) 3 [+3 for ways of the Sea]
Awareness (seeing things at a long distance) 1 [+3 for ways of the sea, if applicable]
Brawl (dagger) 2 [see below]
Carouse (Gambling) 3
Leadership (ship) 1 [+3 for ways of the sea, if applicable]
Native Language Gaelic (Hebrides) 5
Premonitions (threats to himself) 4 [+3 for sea-linked dangers like storms]
Profession: Sailor (Irish Sea) 4 [+3 for Ways of the sea]
Single Weapon (Axe) 5+2 [see below]
Survival (fishing) 1 [+3 for Ways of the sea, if applicable]
Swimming (Salt Water) 1 [+3 for salt water]

Personality: Brave +3, uncouth +2
Reputations: Pirate (port towns) 2, lucky (pirates) 1

Equipment: A well-made sailor’s leather outfit, complete with 2 daggers (one hidden in his boot), and an axe [Load 1] that is primarily a tool, but can also be used in combat.
For raids, or fights he sees coming, he equips a heater shield [Load two] and a full leather scale armor [load 5]
Load: 1/8 encumbrance: 0/-3

Combat Values (-1 attack for missing eye included; +3 in sea regions in […], -3 for armor has not yet been included because he normally doesn’t wear it)
Soak: +5 naked/ normal outfit, +10 when expecting battle
Punches: Initiative+2 [+5] Attack +3 [+6] Defense +4 [+7] Damage +2
Dagger: Initiative+2 [+5] Attack +6 [+9] Defense +5 [+8] Damage +5
Axe: Initiative +3 [+6] Attack +13 [+16] Defense +10 [+13] Damage +8
Axe and Heater shield: Initiative +3 [+6] Attack +13 [+16] Defense +13 [+16] Damage +8

Very nice backstory.

And, without the Folk Ken, it balances to an age of 19.

Ailsa Craig is a smallish (1100 by 1300 meters, give or take) island in a Faerie Aura, and the covenant consists of a Merinita couple. There are still at least seven or eight covenants that I haven't named or placed yet, plus about two dozen aonaranan scattered around the tribunal. Not saying you couldn't have stayed there for so many years...just sayin'.

Ways of the Sea wouldn't apply to beaches. I'm still torn as to whether it would apply to lochs (I'm thinking probably not, though).

I do wonder, though, what brings him to a land-locked loch that's at least 30 km from the nearest bay.

Perhaps he is getting a little too well known on the coast perhaps that a year or two fishing a loch might let the heat die down.

You know how it is with outlaws and memory in these times. Out of sight, out of mind after a few years.

Such a character could also be riding in with Talia...

I could turn him into a land-based highwayman.

Which way of the... - is appropriate? Mountains? Highlands?

I have only the following to say: ... re=related

Your link is not displayed, because it's illegal to watch it in Germany (only)!

It's The Dubliners, singing Whisky In The Jar

A possible reason to come to the covenant is rumors about your father. It is possible he was irish smuggler related to Siobhan since her family is criminals (theives, smugglers and such) that roam between Ireland, england and scotland.

Folk Ken is included because the premonitions virtue grants premonitions 1 (so only 10xp are needed for premonitions 2)

I could make him a forest-based robber (hunting replaces sailing, Area Lore is adapted, swimming gets loch specialty, prof: Highwayman or soldier replaces sailor, reputations are adapted), but with our shipbuilding magus, and if we venture out to sea once in a while, it would be fun keeping him the way he is.

It is important to know if Lochs are covered by his Ways of the Sea . Loch Islands certainly are not covered.


  • a loch is not the sea. A very strong argument.


  • Water is water. Fighting in a boat is the same wether it's salty or not.
  • the virtue is still less powerful than Ways of the Forest.
  • most of the action will take place on solid ground anyway so if the situation arises zero or one time only, there's not much harm done by generosity.

Reasons for him to come here.

  • premonitions told him to (beautiful thing about them is they can justify anything).
  • he's a wanted criminal trying to run from a noose around the neck.
  • love???
  • the searching his daddy? Though I'm not sure what he needs a daddy for.

This question shouldn't be that hard :laughing: But after thinking about it some more, I'm going to stay with "no." Mainly because a loch, even one as big as Loch Ness, isn't the sea, or even an inlet, not prone to the same tides or waves, and one you can reasonably be able to see the far shore of.

"My name is Sue! How do you do!"

As I mentioned, he could have found his father (or perhaps mother) and she was a sibling or cousin of Siobhan and decided to drop in.

"Cousin Siobhan, I am your brother Donovan's wife's nephew. I need shelter for a few days."

After all, Siobhan's family is criminal and she has close family ties.