Jeremiah Genest's Theban tribunal resources

We're about to start a saga in the Theban tribunal.
While I seem to be the prominent Ars Magica authority among our group of six, a couple of the the other players are published game designers, so I sort of feel the preassure to "get it right". We are actually planning to run a pretty tight troupe-style scheme. But I'm taking responibility to kick it off. Fx: Introduce the others to the setting, teaching the rules, run the first adventure aso.
I've looked around for historic and game resources, and there certanly seems to be a lot of useful stuff. But it's one particular thing I'm missing. That is Jeremiah Genest's resources on the Theban tribunal from his saga some years ago. I remeber seeing it, it must have been at least 10 years ago. But all searches and links I've found this time leads to a Yahoo geosites page informing me the site is no longer available.

So I was wondering if any of you might have access to the original material on a different site or form?
It would be tremendously appreciated!


I have about 4MB of stuff copied from Spirit's Breath squirreled away somewhere. PM me and we'll talk transfer.
You do have Sundered Eagle then?

The Redcaps have allready revieved their coins of silver for that tome, or at least a binding writ to recieve payment when I get the book. I expect it to arrive in a fortnight.
And you got PM, and my gratitude!

All I see are broken links too, but one of them still brings up another page of Jeremiah's occult background for AM, which is pretty cool. Take a look at

Yeah, I have actually bookmarked that site, and furiously moved on in my rabid search for the Theban sourcebook, so I've overlooked how relevant many of those articles sound. So, thank you for that one! :smiley:

If anyone else would like access to Jeremiah's great files, then just PM me your email address. You'll need to have Dropbox installed (which is free and a nice asset anyway).

hello there gerg,

i would like to reach those files, but for some reason i can't seem to pm you, or anyone for that matter. the interface for the message sending option doesn't appear on my profile page. i'm thinking maybe it's to stop newly registered people from spamming others, so i'll give it a day or two. in the meantime, if there's any other way to contact you, i'd be happy to try.

thanks in advance,