Jerome Jardinus De Jerbition

Does this apply for multiple instances of the same effect as well?


will this character be modified according to the spell acceptabilities?

It will. I need to find something to replace the Tree Top Walk, and have not quite figured out what.

When do you expect to launch Provence?

probably next week, hopefully monday

Check. I had better hurry then ... I'll get it done before the weekend is over.

I have replaced treetop walk and made a few more minor changes. I think it is ok now.

year 5 you spend 1 season opening your talisman, one season attuning your talisman, and then you indicate you enchant 3 effects with different TeFo combinations in the remaining 2 seasons- walk me through this.

My fault. I misread the rules. It has been corrected.

character approved

In the backstory, Jerome was left on the stairs of some monastery. Do you want that to be in a particular location? If left to my own imagination I would assume it to be roughly half a day's travel away, and that it still exists.

Furthermore, Jerome was trained at Bentalone. Is his mater, Varina, still around?

What is the situation around Bentalone? Where would the closest village church be? Would it be within range for frequent convenient travel?

I have added some more information about his to the wiki- short answer is 7 miles from covenant to town, you have a choice of churches and priories you could have been left at. Your parens have either left the covenant or have died or entered twilight. Given Jerbiton they have possibly left for a more urban environment, and may have been members of the covenant solely to raise an apprentice.