Jerome Jardinus De Jerbition

I believe you mean book learner, not good reader...

"xp not used" is not legitimate
my calculatins show 3, not 11, unused points in abilities and arts

I think I have completed him now, including six years post gauntlet.

You are still missing the same 3xp you were missing at gauntlet- these could have easily been used to buy an art at 2, for example, and should not be thrown away.

questions should be posted here, yes, you can use personal range for the staff to be the source of illumination.

Tree top walk as written will only affect a standard group of trees, each tree being one pace in each direction, and a group being 10 trees- essentially it is a poorly written spell which is why I don't consider spells from Magi of Hermes to be automatically acceptable, and being able to cast it once per day will be practically useless.

I'm posting this but continuing to review the spells you have used from that book.

Be aware with circle of eternal spring that as soon as any plant is carried across the spell circle, the spell will end, and a typical circle is about 6 paces in diameter...

Those are put in Imaginem. Did you miss them when copying to your spreadsheet?

Is that a limit? Circle is not addressed in the size discussion in the book.
I think I can increase the size by one and still invent it in the same season, so if size is relevant, I do that.

I am going to reconsider the Tree Top Walk, as I took the description at face value.
And I am going to adjust the light effect to Per range and use the saved magnitude better.

I was under the impression that circles and rings can be drawn as big as one likes. I thought that bears enough other risks to not be overpowered, e.g. the concentration that needs to be maintained while drawing the circle, automatic botch if something bad happens to the circle while drawing and others.

It is an omission in the rules. Size was introduced in 5ed, without addressing it in relation to the Circle target. In 4ed, without the size concept, you were right. In 5ed size matters, so either it should state that Circle is an exception, or it should state a base size for circle. Therefore a house rule is needed.

What would be the meaning of circle target if size matters? A cheaper way to cast on a group that can also contain more individuals than usually?
What is the meaning of warding circles if they can only affect a single individual?

With 4ed duration was not limited to a year maximum either, is that the maximal duration for ring as well?

It's not an omission, Circle has a built-in limit on size in 5th, it's based on the concentration rolls you need to cast the spell - the bigger the circle is, the harder it is to cast. It's under the description of "Ring" which the description of "Circle" refers back to:

A ring must actually be drawn while the
spell is being cast. The magus may use magic to
do so, but that magic must not have a range
greater than Touch, and the magus must physically
trace out the ring. The magus may not
move more quickly than ten paces per round
(five feet per second) while doing this. The
casting of a non-Ritual spell may be extended
out to allow the drawing of a large ring.
However, the caster must make Int +
Concentration rolls of 6+ every round to maintain
concentration on the spell, and if someone
breaks the ring at any point before it is completed,
the spell automatically botches. Really
large rings are unlikely to be worth the risk.

The meaning is the same whether size matters or not @eldarin. If the base size is 6 paces as Silveroak seems to imply, then that is already a sizable group, and if you spend two size magnitudes (level with room) you have 60 paces which is huge; probably already impractical.

I am not sure where you get the one-year limit either, @eldarin. I have not seen it, not with a wording applicable to this context anyway.

@Plot_Device, [core:113] also says that,

However, the size of the target does
make a difference to the level of the spell,
with the sole exception of Intellego magic.

I.e. RAW is clear that circle is not an exception to the size principle, yet it fails to state a base size for circle.

Personally, I do not like the idea of size applied to Circle and Boundary, but I'll let Pandora have her box in peace. Size did quell some bizarre excesses in past editions.

What I meant was that size as well as a general limit to one year duration (the exception being ritual momentary) was introduced in 5th ed. If target circle is limited by size it's a fair question imho if ring is also limited by max. duration (I thought I had read this somewhere but couldn't find it in the limits, maybe it was just an assumption because they removed the permanent duration and replaced it by year).

Do you have a page reference for the one year limit? I know that permanent is gone, but I cannot find this rule about an absolute one-year limit.

I'll search again, but it might just have been an assumption...

Apologies. I did not see the disclaimer.

size for a circle is based on your ability to concentrate- my point was that a "typical" area of 6 paces diameter is not very big compared to boundary- especially boundary increased a couple of magnitudes. sure with good concentration you can get extra diameter, but getting up to 100 paces, or realistically even 30 will be a significant accomplishment- the point is to the general utility of the spell, not the details of the exact size. You cannot increase the size of a circle with magnitudes, and this will pretty much always describe a small garden with the circle failing fairly regularly as plant material of some sort is carried across.

Then, all is fine. There is no need to cover the entire garden. One casting per bed is fine.

BTW. The formula is entirely fluff, since he can spont the same thing without fatigue, but I did not find another L5 spell to fill up his lab total that season.

About the lamp without flame effect on the talisman, can he Base 4, +1 Size, +1 Conc (L10) to illuminate an area ~30 paces across?

that would be fine...

Re Tree Top Walk. Does it work as a spell? It seems that some handwaving is needed to define the group as «the trees the caster happens to need within the next couple of steps».

On a different line, can a lesser enchanted device maintain concentration on multiple effects at a time? I.e. can you invoke the same conc effect multiple times, once per round, and have the device maintain conc on all of them? (I was thinking about such a variant of tree top walk, but I am not yet sure the speed of one tree per round is satisfactory. If it is possible, I'll consider it.)

Re Lamp without Flame, can the spell/effect be designed so that the magus can vary the intensity of the light by concentrating? I have thought about that for a while, but never brought it up for discussion.

No, it does not really work as a spell- in order for the trees to be large enough to support the magus there should be a magnitude added for size. Additionally it would only work for a few steps before having to be cast again, since a group target doesn't somehow migrate with a magus.

So long as the maintains concentration is paid for in the enchanting for each effect it can maintain several effects simultaneously.

The variation on Lamp without flame does work s long as the spell is duration concentration, even if maintained by the item, which would indicate the magus can retake control of the spell by concentrating.