Joining a paren's former House

Consider the following scenario: A magi originally from a True Lineage House eventually changed Houses to another House, a Societae House, and eventually took an apprentice, training him the same way as he had trained his previous apprentices, and the new apprentice develops the same free virtue as his former house (which is actually possible in some House combinations, rulewise. Jerbiton magi can take Puissant Intrigue or Puissant Magic Theory as it's free virtue, therefore having the House Bonisagus free virtue; Flambeau magi can take Minor Magical Focus* in Certamen as its free virtue, the same as an Ex Miscellanea magi can take Minor Magical Focus in Certamen as its Hermetic Minor Virtue, therefore having the House Tremere free virtue).

But when the time come to the apprentice to take his gauntlet, he starts campaigning to be allowed to tale the gauntlet from his paren's former house and be permited to join it instead of his paren's current House. In your opinions, would the apprentice be allowed to do so? Consider the following circunstances:

  1. Both the parens and the apprentice are normal magi;

  2. Both the parens and the apprentice are members of an ancient and prestigious magi lineage that was once exclusive to the paren's former House;

  3. Due to circusntances both prior and during his apprenticeship, the apprentice have valuble possessions which would be of interest for the House, such as a powerful artifact, connections to important local institutions, friendly pacts with supernatural beings, ownership of a magical site, etc.

*See the Schools of Sebastian.

Yes. It will be easier or harder, depending on the house, of course. The Societies? Easy. True lineages? Probably some "friendly" ribbing. The Mystery houses? Criamon, Mernita? So easy. Bjornaer, Verditius? Very likely to be a Wizard's march against "dad", with a requirement of a "Real apprenticeship" for Jr......

No. A master must approve the Gauntlet of his own apprentice, and stealing one is a double crime: depriving of resources and not giving 15 seasons.

If the old House is Bobisagus they can claim the apprentice, of course.

Otherwise, the Quaesitors can untervene but onky after several more years.

He can do that just after gauntleting. He just finds an sponsor in the house hewants to be in and switches. Quite easy to do, in fact. He could have done that negotiation prior to the gauntleting ceremony.

A great way to gain the Enemies or Hateful Parens (cant remember the exact name right now. 6:30 AM et al) flaws.


Interesting situation. After all, the only way to join a True Lineage House after Gauntlet is by having been trained by a member of that House. And while the parens may have "defected" the Apprentice certainly is trained by a magus who himself was trained by a True Lineage magus.

The parens decided upon the Gauntlet, and if the defected magus is comfortavble with his new House he is most likely to use that new House's Gauntled. So the Apprentice enters this new House. Any change of House follows Gauntlet IMHO.

But the main consideration is, as mentioned, how the True Lineage House feels about the defected magus and how he trained his Apprentice. Why did he change House? If eh still teaches like he would have had he stayed, whu switch House at all?
The newly Gauntleted magus would IMHO need to get political suppoert, find sponsors, get influential magi to support his claim to join. He may have to prove himself in some way, a test, some kind of 'second Gauntlet'.