Please submit requests to join the game in this thread. If there are any objections they will be voiced here as well, followed by any appropriate discussion.

I'd like to join the game. A lot will depend on the kind of covenant and saga people want this to be, of course, but I enjoy the history (and mythology) of the Thebae Tribunal area on the ArM timeframe, so I'd like to get in on this. Everything else we can see about later!

Those who have, to date, been in the recruitment thread are grandfathered in, assuming nobody there has any problems with anyone else...

Excellent, I'll still be joining up as well. Planning on a Milivi Mercere that I am retooling from a game I dropped a while back, and an outlaw leader that, unknown to him, has inherited the blood of Odysseus. That's the plan anyway.

I'm in as well.

My plan is still to go with a Verditius wand-maker. Initially strong in Ignem (his mater was in the confraternity of Balento), but with an initially unexploited focus with wood (perhaps from Mythic Blood).

As for other characters, I was thinking of a dwarf jongleur / knife-thrower for a companion slot, with his warrior-wife as a grog slot. Neither of them would be linked to my magus. They could have a link with another player's magus, if a good fit can be found.

Almost certainly, I will go for a Magus / Maga and a Mythic Companion.

For my magus, I am considering a "light" specialist. Whether this will be mainly Imagonem or Ignem, I do not know yet. He or she will probably also have some craft (mosaics, stained glass) background, which may or may not come into play. There's an outside chance it will be a Verditius mage, but I'll have to think about that some more.

For my mythic companion, I'm not sure yet, but right now I'm thinking a former member of the Varangian Guard.

I'd like to throw a hat into the ring for this game if there's room.

For a magi, I was considering a Ex Misc Pharmacopoeian who is seeking out lost ancient medical texts. For a companion I was considering a down-on-his luck smuggler with a lot of connections. The 'knows a guy who knows a guy' type.

I'd be interested in joining if there's room for one more.

I've got an idea for a Bonisagus magus with an interest in bridging the gap between the Latin and Greek traditions in the Order, and in seeking out pre-Hermetic magical writings and artefacts. Possibly an Intellego specialist.

I don't have an idea for a companion character, but I like the idea of using the prestige system to have a Mythic Companion in addition to a magus.

I'm going to give thee days for anyone to raise any issues, if nobody does you will both be in the game.

No objections from me. Just a note that the Ex Misc Pharmacopoeian might need a reason why he is joining this new covenant instead of going to Epidauros, which a covenant dedicated
to healing the sick and ensuring the longevity of magi. Doesn't need to be a major thing, but it is probably something that should be thought about.

Thanks Silveroak. I'll wait to hear back then.

When I was thinking about the magi I came across this website I liked their take on Alexander the Great as being a missionary of sorts. So I was thinking of making this magi along those lines. A missionary who wants to spread the knowledge, as well as seeking out new sources. So it does make some sense to me that he might base himself outside the Covenant he probably apprenticed at. I'm still toying with it though. We'll see.

If I'm still grandfathered in from being in the recruitment thread, I'd like to give this a whirl. For the Magus, I've got this idea for a MuCo/MuAn reptile specialist following in the tradition of the Egyptian snake worshippers of ancient. If possible, I'd like to use some material from Cradle & Crescent, but I'm not sure what. Probably Mythic Zoroastrianism or Order of Suleiman, if either are allowed. I will have to look at my books a bit more closely tonight and get final ideas of what so I can get approval if needed.

If I'm not grandfathered in, then I will bow out as it seems you have plenty of interest here!

EDIT: My concept won't work with what's in C&C, primarily because it doesn't cover as much of the Middle East as I'd hoped. I was hoping for some information on Egypt, and considering that area's rich history of magic and rituals, I'm quite surprised that this doesn't have its own treatment yet.

Anyhow, I have to see about putting together some other concept at this time. I may bow out if I can't come up with something.

Might there be room for one more?

I believe there is room, as before there are three days for objections or concerns to be posted here.

I'm drawing a blank on a concept. Anybody got any ideas?

I am sure we could use someone good at longevity rituals.
And I keep wondering what interesting concepts I am missing in intelligo.
Just for you consideration.

Hello Silveroak. We good to join in the fun?

Severus, besides what Joel's suggested, in looking at the Covenant discussion thread it sounds like the group is heading for a scriptorium on a ranch type concept. Other ides might be someone geared towards trade or an animal expert.

Very good! Well I'll poke around among the preexisting characters and see what I might put together. I usually have about a half-dozen concepts floating around in my brain.

How would folks feel about a member of House Tremere joining up? I've been going over HoH:S, and a couple of ideas have emerged. I like the idea of the Master of Auxiliaries, and making three grogs to accompany him. He would have been trained at the House Covenant, and somehow Tremere managed to get him in to this new Covenant. Of course, I'm open to the suggestion that this may not be appropriate for the Saga.

There's also an interesting story seed regarding Tremere's interest in testing a new navy for use in this part of the Mediterranean, and I could see my character be involved in scouting this out.

Now I know that some Sagas are willing to house rule that Tremere's starting Virtue isn't so much a Minor Magical Focus with Certamen, but some other form of bonus, to allow taking a magical focus. I have a couple in mind if we don't mind this house rule, but of course I'll stick to the by the book ruling as well.

On the topic of Longevity Ritual Specialist: That would be a great idea....were my apprentice in Jonathan's game not headed towards being a full-blown lab rat. I get that he'd have to be a CrCo specialist in this game due to using the Form/Technique for Lab totals, but making another Lab rat would feel, to me, like that's the only thing I'm capable of creating.

On the topic of an Animal Caretaker: Not a bad idea, but there aren't many Virtues that I can find that directly deal with the handling and care of Animals. Well, I could obviously take Affinity for (Ability), as well as a Puissant Animal, but beyond that...I can't piece together much of anything.

Overall: I'm drawing a huge blank on this. And I don't want to bog this down because I'm incapable of defining a decent character at this time. So I'll sit on the sidelines and watch, and if I come up with something at a later time and silveroak is kind enough to allow someone to join at a later time, I'll do that then.

Happy gaming!