If you want a warrior magus, I suggest House Flambeau. :smiley:

I say we let him in :smiley:

I thought you might :laughing:

He would work well as a practitioner of the School of Ramius one way or another, enhancing his own fighting ability and that of his men. Likely Gently Gifted ... perhaps a Christian still pissed about Constantinople.

Oh, and I'm fine with Trogdore joining as well, for what it's worth.

Ok, so last week I couldn't come up with a concept to save my life. And now I have several, and can't decide which one to use. So I'll put the second one out here and see if that is more appetizing to the group at large.

I'd like to go back to the Longevity Ritual specialist, but tweak him so that he's a Hermetic Alchemist. Probably end up as a Verditius, but I'd like to explore the possibility of a Bjornaer with a crocodile heartbeast. I know the virtues I absolutely will need at some point in my character's life - Hermetic Alchemy, Lesser Elixir, Great Elixir, Unaging - as well as a couple I'll take up front, such as Puissant Creo and Puissant Corpus. And by going this route, I'm not just working on Longevity Rituals for everyone, but potentially working towards a Major Hermetic Breakthrough to create Great Elixirs for everyone.

Beyond what I've listed, I don't know what else to give the guy as far as Virtues goes. Some lab stuff - most of the stuff from the Lab Rat template probably - but beyond that....??? Any thoughts?

Also, are Initiation scripts allowed at character generation? If so, could someone help me build one please?

And Trogdor! Trogdor! [insert metal guitar music here] Trogdor!

Anyone against a Bonisagus labrat, scholar/Scribner sort?

Okay, with 2 for Trogdor is certainly on the potential list, still waiting three days for any other possible comments...

As long as you, Silveroak, feel you can manage the storytelling, I am not concerned about adding these 1 or 2.

It sounds like Marko's found a kindred spirit. I'm good with them coming in.

I don't have a problem with a larger roster of magi. There are always casualties along the way... :wink:

With the addition of Trogdor and withdrawl of Markus we are back to 9 magi- I plan to make characters but probably not a magus given the population we have. at 9 Magi the base income is at 145 pounds of silver a year, doubled (290 per year) if we take the extra income boon, multiplied by .8 if we do not (116 per year) divided by 9 magi (which is not how it actually works, as expenses are assessed to the entire covenant, but gives an idea how this affects the game) this comes to either 32.2 lbs of silver per mage-year or 12.9 lbs per mage-year. If we add another magus (Kareruren) this goes to a base of 160 lbs/year, which means either 320 lbs at 32 lbs/magus or 128 at 12.8 lbs per magus- the drop per magus is small, but cumulative as we add more magi, approaching 30 bs/magus at double income or 12 lbs/magus without the boon.

It does appear we may have one or two more dropping before we get started, based on character progress, and Kareruren seems eager to jump in. I would like everyone to vote on her participation with the following options, understanding this is primarily based on our game size, nothing personal about Kareruren:

  1. let Kareruren in
  2. Let Kareruren in if one more drops
  3. Let Kareruren in if 2 more drop.

If you have an actual issue with Kareruren being in the game, you may raise it instead of voting.
The math in case it is the deciding factor- if 2 more drop and Kareruren enters (8 magi total) means 130 lbs/year base, 260 or 32.5 per magus with the boon, 13 per magus without.

The more the merrier, I say!

While I worry about getting the covenant finances to balance, I say yes, let Kareruren in.
However, that should probably be the last for a while or we will never get closure and move on.

We should probably decide which mechanism we want to use for covenant finances. Chapter five of covenants does not tie the income of sources to the number of mages. With two typical sources of income, we should have 200 lbs to work with. Do we want to use the full chapter 5 mechanics, or use a simpler system? (I have a tendency towards details and numbers, other folks either love or hate that stuff. If we want to use the full mechanics, I am happy to keep and share a spread sheet for it.)

When it comes to complexity, I decry the fact that no game system uses imaginary numbers.
Covenants page 56 indicates that the baseline is 100, modified by 15 lbs per magus if you vary from the assumption of 6.
Yes, we will use full mechanics.

Having slipped in myself, I don't feel in any position to nay say anyone else. Besides, I think 10 is a nice round number. But I'd say 9 or 10 is a good cap.

I'm happy to let Kareruren in.

Great. I had understood that line about 15 lbs differently. That should definitely allow us some room to develop the covenant.

Happy to let Kareruren in myself. I'm also agnostic on the financial aspect. I'm happy for it to be as complex as we want, so long as others do the accounting :slight_smile:

That is over half, welcome to the game Kareruren

You are all charmers, thanks.

I am however on the agnostic chart for finances, I don't mind complexity, however I already juggle by bills in meat space...and that's enough

We have 2 players who do not seem to be progressing- The ambassador has not been on since July 31st, the other is Silberluchs, who has not posted a magi in this game but has made posts in Stealing the future between July 25th and now- should we open the game up for more players from the start, wait for them for a while more, or reduce our starting magi by 2 and open the doors for magi who will join after the game play starts (or treat the two situations differently)?