Journey to Normandy (summer 1221)

Patrice will defer to the magi. Regardless, she feels safe with an armed man and magi as back up.

You camp through the night and travel through the next day, the threadbare couple helping where they can, always polite, but also a little withdrawn. She gives her name as Fanchone, he gives his as Jacques. It is late afternoon and the discussion has arisen whether to try for an Inn in the next town or continue camping when you come upon an armed contingent of 50 men, a man who from dress appears to be some sort of noble, and a priest. The noble calls a halt and moves to the front of the men, obviously still close enough for them to protect him, but also clearly wanting to speak with someone of your party.

OOC: Is there a grog that is not played that is part of this adventure?

At this point you could pick any grog not going to Rome and say they are part of the party.

Gustav and Henri are on the roster, tentatively controlled by Flavius and JoelHalpern, but both have either magi or a companion along as well.

Is anyone going to speak with the nobleman?

Henri hesitantly looks at the magi, at the armed men, and then back at the magic. He approach the noble, stopping many paces before he could be considered at threat, but close enough to have a conversation. After bowing to pay proper respect to a man of noble birth, Henri says:

"Greetings, sire. My name in Henri. What can our humble group of travellers do for you?"

The man closes his eyes for a second.
"Not sire, sire is King. I'm merely.... never mind that. I have a warrant from the king, we are seeking a pair of Cathar spies, we have reason to believe they are head this way. Everyone in your group must stand for inspection."

Terra stands silently, trying her best not to make a rude remark to the man. She does try and see if any of the armed men possess bows or anything else that could be a threat at range.

2 of the men have crossbows. You don't spot anything else that could be used at range.