Journey to Normandy (summer 1221)

With trade routes having been begun to be established by Matheus, the ship is loaded up to take the Magi to Provencal, from where they will travel to the Normandy Tribunal meeting.

OOC: Was the second tribunal you wished to attend Rome or something else?

Looking over my notes, Frederic either volunteered, or was volunteered due to speaking French. Gustav of course is going with him. David is a good choice to accompany; he has both French and a good bargain skill. Patrice is a second best is David is unavailable; she also has French and bargain, abeit at slightly lower levels. Finally Henri also has French but does not have bargain, making him a distant third choice.

The only one of these I'm playing is Patrice, so of course she needs to go to Normady to get some doodads in preparation for the wedding!

The other Tribunal we were planning on attending was Rome; I have Talus, Pallas and Oderisi going.

We discussed this in greater depth and with possible additional volunteers, but I can't find the thread. I recall both parties were going to travel by ship, first to Marseilles, then to Italy. Each party gets one of the Janus tablets so they can communicate with each other (but not with Domus Aureus) to avoid duplication of effort.

Benedict, while still just getting his feet wet as a visiting Redcap, could be pressed into helping out in either mission. He has the Gift of Tongues, so language isn't a problem.

Remind me where the Janus tablet came from, because I do not have them in the starting resources or any record of anyone having made them... I see design notes for them, but not where anyone has set aside lab time (then again not everyone has filled out the seasonal planning grid) to actually make them.
Tartesso, I would like something more detailed than "instills magic items" to describe a season of lab work...

Tartessos had them scheduled spring 1221.

I believe Summer 1220 was the Titan's Bolt and Acorn to Oak

Winter 1220 was the Doublet and two leather jacks.

I'll specify the summer and winter builds.

Terra will join. Maybe she can initiate someone or get a script. Probably both since she doesn't have a script, but can initiate people easy.

The ship pulls into the harbor at Marseille and lets the magi traveling to Normandy off the ship. Local inns and taverns are certainly available, but it is only mid-day should the group chose to press on, or they can spend the remainder of the day in Marseille attending to whatever they feel should be done here before moving on....

Terra will vote to press on. She has no business here.

I'm sure Patrice has little say in travel arrangements, but she is eager to stretch her legs after the sea voyage.

Assuming other feel the same way, you press on to Avignon by evening, arriving comfortably before the gates of the city close for the night, but you note that the town guard has a heavy presence, the streets seems a bit crowded, and finding an Inn may prove difficult, even before allowing for the effects of the Gift...

Do we want to try and find an inn or figure out some other accommodations? Terra asks

"A bed and some hot food would be nice," says Patrice, obviously nervous around so many people.

There are a number of inns and taverns with signs prominently hung along the main street. They also all seem to be crowded well beyond what should be typical.

Patrice will find a passerby, preferably one well, but not ostentatiously dresses, and ask him why the city is so crowded.

"Its the Cathars. Well, the Cathar allied armies. They took Montreal and a lot of those who sided with the church have fled. Apparently quite a lot of them to here, at least until they decide what to do next."

Patrice will be properly horrified at the idea of stout catholics being run off by heretics. She'll brief the magi in private and opine that it would be best to move on even if it means a cold camp.

Terra will be quite confused on the issue. "Aren't they all Divine worshipers? Why are they even fighting? Whatever the case I don't object to staying away from this sort of silliness.

Patrice will likely confuse Terra with her explanation. "It's like stew. You can use different spices, but no matter the flavor, it's still stew. Imagine that Catholics like pepper, but can't stand sage. The Cathars eat a LOT of sage....

The group travels out past the town to make camp, where they overtake a young couple with threadbare clothes outside of town who asks if they can travel with your group for safety.

Terra shakes her head at the explanation. Mumbling something about getting along and letting each other be.

To the two travelers she asks the others Anyone object? I'm okay with it.