Journey to Rome (Summer 1221)

Tartessos is torn. A Verditius without wares to sell is a sorry sight to see. "I must agree, nothing to sell this tribunal although I'd like to inquire about reserving a spot next tribunal? No doubt we will making some purchases and perhaps some commissions from those who are vending.

"I believe the next tribunal will be held elsewhere, but I will make note of your request and forward it to the hosting covenant. It is past time for dinner, but some of the night owls may be gathered in the main hall."
A pair of grogs comes to lead you to your rooms.

Who is still on the road at this point?

OOC: Antonius would have walked on the road until probably sunset, and then fly to Verdi to not have to go through the trouble of finding accommodations for the night. Depending on your timeline, he may have been involved in something.

no grogs or anyone left on the road?

There can be if it leads to a story, however it would probably need to be played by you. I know that Madaleen would be thrilled to showcase her craft at a tribunal, as it is one of her personal goal so she might have decided to come on her own.

The only story at this point would be negotiating a place to stay with local farmers, and without anyone Gifted along it isn't much of a story. So if everyone is at the covenant we will just proceed with that...anyone headed to the hall or just turn in for the night?

[strike]Pallas and[/strike] Oderisi is still on the road, but his story is not important. Just let us know if he shows up in one piece.

Talus would be happy to go to the hall, unless you'd rather push the story forward.

Antonius will go to the hall, as he is hungry.

You get to the hall where there are 4 magus, one maga, and six grogs attending to them, primarily refilling their drinks, as they talk in hushed tones. The maga waves you over. "You are new to our fireside, where do you hail from?"

"We have come from an island to the south of here, Malta to be precise. I am Antonius, and this is Talus, my colleague. We are both of the House Bonisagus." says Antonius, not giving excessive details about his parentage on purpose. "Do you mind if we join for a while?", as Antonius points towards empty seats by the fireplace.

As you sit one of the magi asks "Malta, that is part of Rome isn't it?"
A second answers "Politically sort of, it is owned by the kingdom of Sicily, which also owns half of Italy."
"So what about Hermetically?"

The last question seems directed at your group.

Tartessos will join the group as the question of Malta is raised.

"I believe Malta is currently outside Tribunal jurisdiction, although I personally think that is likely to change in the next decade. Rome would certainly have grounds to make a claim, but that question may need to wait for the Grand Tribunal to settle all details."

"We're uncommitted to any Tribunal at the moment," Talus says, taking a seat. "As my sodales indicated. Though we are, of course committed to the well-being of the Order. I suppose time will tell where we shall eventually come to roost. Rome is definitely a possibility, which is one reason we're here today."

"If you wish to petition as a new covenant we could bring that up for vote in this tribunal. Admittedly it is a bit late for a petition but I think we can persuade the quaesetoris to include it."

"I think a petition would be quite premature at this point; we are still establishing ourselves, which is one of the reasons why we are here - to purchase some of the necessities we cannot get on the outskirts of Hermetic society."

"Ah, what sort of necessities?"

"Books, for a start," Talus replies. "We're looking to build up our library, as most young covenants do. We have vis and texts to trade for it - some already copied, some available for copy. We're hoping to find trades that are profitable to both sides. I have to say, we have a few tractatus that are truly impressive, including several on magical theory."

"Are you looking for the authorities, or secondary texts?"

"Both," Talus replies. "Or either. It really depends on what's available and how they're priced. I'd say, all things being equal, we're looking more for the authorities."

I assume by authorities he means summae and secondary texts he means tractatus.