Julius - Apprentice

Julius was found in the Alps by a Redcap doing rounds. His father was a blacksmith and did not know what to make of his son and his strangeness. He was purchased by the Redcap on orders of Pantacia and delivered to the School.

Age 11
Size 0 Height 6'0 Weight 250lb
Confidence: 1(3)
Decrepitude: 0(0)
Warping: 0(0)

Birth Name: Julius
Gender: Make
Race/Nationality: Swiss
Birth Place: Alps
Religion: Christian
Title: Apprentice

Int +2
Per +1
Str +1*
Sta +2*
Pre +2
Comm +1
Dex 0
Quick +1
(all characteristics at -2 due to age)

The Gift
Giant Blood ( Major)
MMF - metal (inherited)

Restriction - in darkness
Fear - of the dark
Generous - minor
Oversensitive - about size


Craft: Blacksmith 2
Athletics (climbing) 2
Brawl: 2
Guile 2
Folk Ken 1
Charm 2
Awareness 1
Area knowledge : school 1
swim 1

Latin 5
Artes Liberales 1
Philosophiae 1
Concentration 1
Classical Greek

  • +1 strength and +1 Stamina from Giants blood.

Apprentices are going to be the primary players... I think I've at least strongly suggested that several times.

I updated skills. I was not sure how to count the Latin. He is age 11 so he would have 135 points to spend which includes the Latin at this point.

What's the alignment of Giant Blood? Faerie or Magic Realm? I generally think Magic Realm, but there can be Faerie Giants. Whatever you pick doesn't make it a Supernatural virtue, and require the traditional opening of the Arts...

Magic align

  • Magia Theoria: 5 xp Magic Theory (raising score to 1).

  • De Architectura: 3 xp Corpus (raising score to 2), 2 xp Imaginem (raising score to 1).

  • Elementa: 1 xp Aquam (raising score to 1), 2 xp Auram (raising score to 1), 2 xp Ignem (raising score to 1), 3 xp Terram (raising score to 2).

  • Flora et Fauna: 3 xp Animal (raising the score to 1), 2 xp Herbam (raising the score to 2).

  • History of the Order of Hermes: 2 xp Faerie Lore, 2 xp Code of Hermes, 1 xp Order of Hermes Lore.

  • Artes: 1 xp in each Technique (raising the score in each to 1).