June 2015 Release: Thrice-Told Tales

Ars Magica is a game that plays out across many years, as covenants of magi rise and fall, and old age is but one of the many obstacles to power the Orders of Hermes have dealt with. Your saga deserves stories that make use of this feature of the game, and Thrice-Told Tales answers that need.

Atlas Games is pleased to announce this new saga supplement for its Ars Magica Fifth Edition product line. Contained within are five sequences of three stories each, revisiting characters and situations over the toll of years. Thrice-Told Tales is set for release in June 2015 in softcover.


Oooooh, shiney! :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to this book.

So far, I had more success in integrating elements from non-Tribunal related books:

  • Herisson's Garden from Legend of Hermes is currently discovered by my players and they thoroughly enjoyed it, very original
  • Flying castle & the Hermetic Shipyard are being used to design (on a smaller scale) a flying Datcha (we play in Russia, covenant is in the city of Novgorod), to allow magi to have one movable lab/studying place to investigate remote locations (Zoroastrian temple's ruins nearby Pugus, in modern Tadjikistan, and "birthplace" of animal spirits nearby Novosibirsk)
  • Mysteries where introduced for Hermetic Arithmetics and eventually Architecture
  • Various bits and bobs from Magus of Hermes (either full characters as NPCs or just spells/items)

This looks really interesting....and shiney...
My like shiney