Just In: ORC License is finalised!

You can read more about it HERE or straight at the source (HERE)

With that in mind, we could begin porting Ars into the open gaming era! Assuming that's what Atlas Games wishes of course.


Fantastic news!

Hope we can get official word from Atlas on this :slight_smile:
@Michelle please advise?

We just got the final version of the license yesterday. We'll look it over in the next weeks. Glad to hear there's enthusiasm for it! :slight_smile:


So what do you guys have cooking in anticipation for the new license ;p

I'm still, ever busy, working on my conversion.

Character & Covenant generator


Am seriously thinking about offering my graphic design and layout skills to anyone who wants to publish.


I have a short adventure all ready to go, just waiting for licence details.

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I'd use RSC's expertise but I'm moreso looking for an overall artist. I'm working toward a graphic design degree myself, but I can't draw.


Mythic Venice book. Still in the research stage, though.

Mark Norman's "Legends of Devon" just landed in my mailbox. It's the area right next to the free stuff laid out by Man From Outer Space and now on redcap.org. (Sabrina's Rest and Cornwall) so there's the temptation to creep east.

Venice, first, though.


Tempted to do a 1st Crusade campaign book based on the research so far I've done for my actual play. Not sure I really have the time though. :frowning:


I've been mulling an idea of a "Theban Apprentices Class of 12XX" campaign where it starts with the Tribunal 14 years before 12XX, they pick their parens, get some downtime instruction and help in the lab and all that and I think a campaign book to make this simpler would be great and valuable to others even if just for some of the fully statted older magi and covenants it would have. Some parts are gonna really depend on whether using (or referencing) canon covenant and magi names and descriptions is acceptable under their use of ORC.


Any updates from Atlas on the way forward?


Did not know you knew Mark? He has just released another book with another good friend of mine Dr Delyth Badder called "Ghosts of Wales" which is excellent and highly recommended. My group know to invoke the Holy Trinity now if a ghost will not speak to them! :wink:

I have a webinar or two with each of them actually on the ASSAP YouTube channel.

Back on topic, I actually came to ask if any advance on the ORC and Atlas Games?

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I listen to his podcast, so I'm more a fan than a friend of his, but yes, I know his stuff. I think you introduced us in a Facebook thread. 8)

I'm not in the loop on this: when they come up with something I'll see what I ca do with it.

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