Kar Fai? and The Four Monarchs?

First Question:
Does anybody know why they describe Kar Fai as the Master of the Path of the Healthy Tiger and Master of the Shadowfist, while his stats only cover the first fu path?

Second Question:
Are there any stats for the four monarchs? If not, are their abilities comparable to Gao Zhangs?

Many Old Masters choose one path or the other, but very few master the full secrets of the style in question. Kar Fai strikes me as an Old Master who specializes in the "healing" path of the Healthy Tiger (and is thus a useful NPC mentor to have around in the early parts of the game) instead of the more violent path of Vengeance of the Tiger. You need to master both paths in order to unlock the ultimate technique of Storm of the Tiger, but most masters, like Kar Fai, are content with the powers they have.

Being as I don't have Elevator to the Netherworld, I cannot answer your second question.

There are no official stats for the monarchs. I would recommend setting their stats as high as they need to be to give your players a thorough whuppin'.

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