Kareruren's mage

What it says on the box

Real Name- Gele Kohler
Magus Name- Autumn
Covenant: Fengheld - Schwartzwald Chapterhouse
Parens: Abelino
Age: 23
Year: 1220
WARPING: 0 [1] (Twilight pg 88)
Confidence: 0
Familiar- none
Voting Sigil- Lightning Cracked Copper Thorn
Magic Sigil- Cool Mist

Magic----- ARTS SCORES ---------------------------
LAB AND CASTING TOTALS----------------------
My Vis--
My XP-- (XP CHART-Teaching PG 31/164)


Intelligence 2
Perception 0
Strength 0
Stamina 2
Presence 1
Communication 0
Dexterity 0
Quickness 0

Personality Traits

Mercurial +1
Driven +1
Curious +3

Reputations: Despised Masters Apprentice (Diabolist) -3

Twilight Scars:


Affinity with Aurum (1) Hermetic
Cyclic Magic (1) Hermetic Winter/Spring
Deft Aurum (1) Hermetic
Gentle Gift (3) Hermetic
Life Boost (1) Hermetic
Pussiant Aurum (1) Hermetic
Unaging (1) Supernatural
Venus Blessing (1) General


Busybody (1) Personality
Deficient Technique (3) Hermetic (Muto)
Driven (1) Repair parens reputation
Infamous Master (1) Hermetic
Low Self Esteem (3) General
Visions (1) Story

Native Language 5 (Prose) Low German
Latin 4 (Hermetic)

Artes Liberales 1 (Ceremonial Magic)
Faerie Magic 2 (Charms)
Magic Theory 3 (Enchanting Items)
Parma Magica 1 (Ignem)


Athletics 1 (Acrobatics)
Awareness 1 (Alert)
Charm 2 (First Impressions)
Concentration 2 (Spells)
Etiquette 1 (Faeries)
Folk Ken 2 (Magi)
Guile 2 (Elaborate Lies)
Intrigue 2 (Plots)


Merinta Lore 1 (Initiating Others)

Warping: 0

Childhood Social

Native Language 5 Low German
Charm 2
Folk Ken 2
Guile 2

Later Life (3 years)

Athletics 1 (5)
Awareness 1 (5)
Concentration 2 (15)
Etiquette 1 (5)
Intrigue 2 (15)


Artes Liberales 1 (5)
Faerie Magic 2 (15)
Latin 4 (50)
Magic Theory 3 (30)
Merinta Lore 1 (5)
Parma Magica 1 (5)

Creo 7 (28)
Rego 4 (10)
Aquam 4 (10)
Aurum 15 (82, 121)

Magic----- ARTS SCORES

Magic (tefo + X)

creo 7
Rego 4

Aquam 4
Auram 15+3


---- Spells (Tefo + 8 )



Creeping Oil [V,Sun,Ind] CrAq 15


Charge of the Angry Winds [V,Con,ind] CrAu 15
Clouds of Rain and Thunder [S,Con,Grp] CrAu 25
Pull of Skybound Winds [V,Con,Ind] CrAu 30
Clouds of Thunderous Might [S,Con,Grp] ReAu 30


Ignite the Smoldering Heart [V,Mom,Ind] CrIg 5
(Base 3, +2 Voice, Ignites a very flammable object ex parchment)

Spell Building

Arcane Connections

Duration: Momentary

Target: Individual/circle
Room/Group (10 people)
Structure (Fits 100 people)
Boundary (100 pace diameter)


[Casting total] 2 Stamina + X Aura + TeFo

[Ritual Casting total] 2 Stamina + 2 Artes Liberales, + 0 Philosophiae + X Aura + X Tefo


[Lab Total] 2 X int, + 3 MT, + X Aura, +0 int familiar, +0 Familiar MT, + 0 Lab + X TeFo

Familiar Bonding + 2 int, + 3 MT, + X Aura, + 25 TeFo

My Vis--

My XP-- (XP CHART-Teaching PG 31/164)


The story of Gele starts simply in a small village outside the black forest, her father was a craftsman of charcoal and her mother an apothecary. She was born in the winter during the pitch of a long and hard storm, her first cry was echoed by a stroke of thunder to welcome her into the world. Her early years she was popular with other children, if not a bit precocious, she had a habit of getting into everyone else's business, which dimmed that charm a bit. She could not help herself with curiosity at all things, but unlike many others her gift went on silently, but to her emotions were likened to the storm, tears brought rain, anger brought lightning, and whimsy brought wind...it was only by luck that a redcap buying charcoal for his covenant noticed an outburst and a storm that followed. Word came back to the chapterhouse and Magus Abelino rushed to find the child for himself, he tested the girl and found she was indeed gifted.
In the dark of night he stole her from her home, putting the house to an unnatural sleep, and with a heft the child was carried off from her home. She awoke tied up in the back of a horse, and she freaked out and cried, it took two more days to reach the covenant from the terrible weather though her Master seemed never to get wet. His own lack of understanding forever weakened her own use of muto magic, and even then the Merinita learned far too late she lacked the requisite fae leanings for the house, and took her to be warped by a fae aura.
Her master had taken her as an apprentice with only the desire to finally reach the status of archmaster, and with it he was intensely critical of his apprentice, where a tantalus brought a student up to give them strength, he tore her down constantly. Despite a rocky and tumultuous relationship, she was intensely skilled when it came to Aurum, able to call the beck storm to her with ease, and dabbled lightly in Aquam and Ignem. As she developed her skills she realized that her power grew the stormy seasons of Winter and Spring and if she put all her emotion and force of will her magic grew stronger. She grew curious and accustomed to the fae, in her training as her master continually called upon them in his experimentation. Though rarely a popular sort, and in his own ways often a poor magi, he was able at least to get her skilled in Aurum, but he wished to study the spirits and the fae he had seen during his time in the levant.
Her apprenticeship was nearly over, and despite her skill, she did not pass her gauntlet the first time, and was forced to wait to attempt it a second time, taking up the mantle of Autumn to mark her change. Hours after the end of her gauntlet, her master was brought up on charges for Diabolism calling the infernal to his beck and call, her own reputation as well as that of her master soured...never did she believe that he had done such a thing, nor had she ever seen the signs...but she would do all she could to clear his name, for he was many things...but she could not believe diabolist was one of them. As she slept she awoke to a vision of Amber eyes and a musical voice...perhaps salvation came to her in a vision...perhaps not, only time would tell.



Characteristics: Int 0, Per 0, Pre –1, Com –1,

Str 0, Sta +1 (1), Dex +2 (2), Qik +2 (2)

Size: 0

Age: 45 (45)

Decrepitude: 1 (2)

Warping Score: 0 (0)

Virtues and Flaws: Covenfolk; Warrior;

Weakness (talking back to magi)

Personality Traits: Loyal +3, Cynical +3, Brave +1

Reputations: None


Axe & Heater Shield: Init –1, Attack +15,

Defense +14, Damage +6

Kick: Init –3, Attack +6, Defense +5, Damage +3

Soak: +8 (full metal scale armor)

Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5,


Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5

(11–15), Incapacitated (16–20)

Abilities: [Area A] Lore 4 (monsters), [Area

B] Lore 2 (monsters), Awareness 5 (in

combat), Bows 5 (longbow), Brawl 3

(kicking), Carouse 3 (with fighting

friends), Folk Ken 1 (magi), Great

Weapon 5 (pole axe), Guile 2 (getting

extra rations), Leadership 3 (in combat),

Living Language 5 (military talk), Order

of Hermes Lore 3 (grogs), Single

Weapon 8 (heater shield), Stealth 3

(when armored), Survival 1 (when in a

group), Thrown Weapon 4 (knife)

Equipment: Axe, Heater Shield, Full metal

scale armor, pack containing gear to care

for weapons and armor and establish

camps when traveling.

Encumbrance: 4 (4)

Your character looks fine - a lightning magus with himself as the battery (life boost).

This game starts the night of the gauntlet, so whatever happens backgroundwise should happen before then.

Herself as the battery, and background edited accordingly.

Kohler used to be a famous soccer player - so I automatically assumed Gele was male. Sorry about that.

You're all good, Kohlers a common occupational surname in Germanic regions for Coal Makers.

You've got two different native languages there in different locations: High and Low German.

I fixed it, I had to pull up a book to put down the right one.

No worries. Ars Magica character creation can be too much; especially for new players-- or me. I often just cut and paste whole sections from the core rule book. But it is a good idea to let people know what you are unsure about as a means to solicit advice. For example: I can't get into combat play and can't generate much interest in those rule details.

Don't feel bad, combat rarely lasts long enough to worry about the rules. Its just a matter I set one down for the area, then forgot to check myself of it was right. Where languages are/when is a bit of a bitch lol.