basically this is a sword enchanted with the following spell
requisites-regoterram15(conditional herbum,for wooden locks)
tell me what you think of this item/spell

This is actually a better effort than we're used to seeing from you. Here's how it should look with 5th edition rules.

Start with Rego Terram, and add an Herbam Requisite. The base level is 1, for moving earth in a natural fashion (unlocking in this case is perfectly natural) add two because it is metal for a base 3. The range increases the level by 1 for Touch. The Duration stays at Momentary, becuase once the lock is unlocked you don't need to have magic stay working on it to keep it unlocked, simply open the door or the chest. The Target is Individual, so that doesn't change the level at all. So we have a very simple enchantment of only level 4 so far, if this was a spell we'd already be done.

Since this is an item we need add something to it. First let's give it a few uses per day. At 12 uses per day we only add +4 to the level. The trigger should be something simple, make it a simple word, perhaps in Latin, so that doesn't add anything. So we now have an item that opens just about any normal lock, and can be used 12 times a day, for a total level of 8. Instead of using a sword you should probably make it either a key or a dagger. Most people carry them, and most don't care if you're carrying them. This enchantment is very low level so you can easily create this as a lesser enchanted device and save some Vis. If you want to add other things you might put in InTe and Vim effects which could detect traps. From there add PeVi effects to destroy magical traps also.

If you used a key rather than a sword, you would probably get a bonus during the enchantment process. Plus, it's less conspicuous.

I suppose a Finesse roll is required for complex locks? Or should it just fail for complex locks (adding a magnitude or two for complexity might offset that)?

I don't see why, all you're doing is moving the locking pieces in a way they were meant to be moved. Unless the locksmith were truly clever and expecting someone to open it with magic, and even then he'd have to make a heck of a craft roll I'd say.

There should be an Animal requisite though, for locks that are simply secured with leather cord for example.

As qcipher said, this is one of your best works to date. This sort of simple layout that uses real parameters (touch, sun, ect). This is something we can understand and work with. I know you have all sorts of crazy ideas, but if you make an effort to make the spell correctly see how eager we are to help over lobbing snide remarks! Well young Padawan, I foresee great things in future.

KNOCK.... on wood.

thanks!(the keyblade comes from kingdom hearts video game by the way)