Kick Butt, Blow Moons Up, Use The Force !

As the title implies, i've been hit with the sudden realisation than Feng Shui would be perfect for Star Wars (as undoubtedly many others already have in the past, I'm no pioneer here).

I'm more of a Star Trek guy, but even if the Star Wars hype doesn't really faze me theatrically, I'll readily admit that many of my favourites game sessions were from D6 Star Wars, thanks to a terrific GM.

Anyway I may (or may not) find myself in a situation of GMing Star Wars to a few people. And I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce them to Feng Shui.

Right now I'm under the impression that while not every FS2 archetype is adaptable to star wars (the archer...), you can emulate any character type from Star Wars with the FS2 archetypes.

The only glaring specificity being the Jedi. I think it would work by taking the Swordmaster archetype (and taking the sorcerer's stat block, effectively lowering his speed and raising his starting chi) and swapping a few of his schticks with various other sources, mainly sorcery powers (Mind Control, Healing...) but also, for example, Prodigious Leap from the Fu powers, or Mjolnirisation from the mutant powers.

I could make two or three builts, including the original swordmaster, and make the player who wants a jedi pick the one he prefers (to use the fastest "pick a character and play" way), or give them the swordmaster and tell them to choose wich schticks they keep and which shcticks they want to replace, and give them a list of other powers to choose from.

Right now, that list would include :

from the Fu powers

  • all of the Fu path of the sword
  • prodigious leap > aerial pushaway > ominous flutter

from the sorcery powers (and subject to backlash, but some backlashes don't work for star wars so it needs work, I'm open to suggestions)

  • elevated senses
  • fight finder
  • prediction
  • revelation
  • truthseek
  • bend fate
  • big luck
  • doom boon
  • observe chi (detect attuned individual = detect force sensitive individual)
  • superior evasion
  • yin to yang
  • cure disease
  • heal wounds
  • brain fortress
  • exemplary prostrations (these are not the droids you are looking for)
  • override will (jedi mind trick 2 : electric boogaloo)
  • far lift

from the mutant powers (and I would use the custom sorcery backlash rules, not the freak-outs)

  • Mjolnirification (to have your lightsaber back FOR EXAMPLE)
  • Push (the famous Force Push, obviously)
  • Very Fast

And I think that's it.
Obviously the main flaw is to come up with a single backlash rule that would work for all these powers (or at least the most agressive ones ?)

Anyway, if that "project" is of interest to you too, we could talk about it. Damn that jedi archetype, without it everything would be much easier (and I didn't even touch the powers that would fit a Sith) :smiley:

I built a "generic character template" that you can use to mix and match schticks from different groups; look under the Subject Thread "New Archetypes." That might do for your Jedi.

Your biggest problem is probably going to be that the standard rules do not allow for people to take schticks of different fortune types. So technically, no character can have sorcery (magic) AND fu (chi) AND mutant (mutant) powers. While I don't think it would be unbalancing to create a template that allowed the PC to awesome up from 5 or so very select/limited schticks across multiple fortune types, maybe a better way to design your Jedi would just be to pick the fortune type that seems to work the best, and create couple of extra schticks in that fortune type to fill in the gaps. IOW build an extra Fu path or sorcery power for your Jedi to cover what fu or sorcery doesn't.

Oh, to be clear, I wasn't going to say that he was picking from different fortune types. It was always meant to be only one specific "new" type (Force powers). I was just listing the powers that would go in that new category, according to what I remember the jedis to be capable of. And if Fu powers don't have a backlash, mutant and sorcery powers do, so I was wondering what could the custom backlash be on Force powers.

No other character would be able to access "sorcery" so that category wouldn't exist. Same for mutant powers, no category for that. Cyborgs would exist (simply renaming scroungetech to cybertech or something), Gun schticks would exist too obviously. And the Fu powers would be a very limited selection, restricted to the ones that don't make you jump over trucks in a single bound or have flaming fists.

This being said, your suggestion makes sense (choose a specific type) and that probably would be sorcery, but there's still the problem of backlash (for example, the Fu super jumps would probably go into Movement, but it makes no sense that it could backlash on the player. it never does in the movies and it would feel silly).

Similarly, lots of mutant freak-outs don't make sense for a jedi to experience.

And conversely, there are a lot of sorcery powers eligible for jedi powers, but if I choose "fu" as the main category, then those powers won't have any backlash, and I tend to think that there's a reason they should have one.

[edit] Now that I think about it, Force powers aren't supposed to have a backlash. So I decided to just put a price on every power in exchange for the lack of backlash. As in : Fu powers without a cost still have no cost, sorcery/mutant powers with no cost now cost 1 because they should backlash but won't, those with a cost of 1 cost 2, and so on.

1st edition had a detailed fan Jedi archetype that was made which covered the Force in it.

A planned fan supplement to compile all the various fan created archetypes was in the works, and it is in the rough draft of it. I think the rough PDF draft link is still in the forums.

Initially it was going to be a fan created PDF to cover both the fan and official ones but it was split to be 2 PDFs with the officials ones appearing in PDF on the Atlas site.

If you can get access to the Nexus: The Infinite City the parent game Feng Shui draws from which is point based in creation and has rules for creating powers, etc. in it that will help if you chose to design things on your own.