Kickstarter of magical & occult symbols

Hi fellow Ars fans,

I just wanted to let you know about a Kickstarter called Hermetica that is creating a large set of digital graphics for mystical & occult symbols.

I'm not involved with it, except as a backer. I thought it would be useful to any of you who are self-publishing fan material or want to jazz up your Ars magica web site. :slight_smile: IOW I thought it would be of genuine interest to the community.

Some of these are pretty sweet ... maybe it is time for me to some tattoos ... :smiley:

Best regards,

-Andrew Gronosky

Thanks for sharing this project, Andrew. I just backed it.

What a great tip. Thank you!

Minor thread necromancy: project is late, no surprises from a Kickstarter, latest update from creator:

The project was funded 10 times over, but I regret to inform I have not received anything, even an email update, from the artist. Things do not look encouraging, but then I am fairly new at being a backer, and this may be the norm.

I have received an update, which was essentially I'm working on it, but have a day job, so be patient.

Merely summarizing, not advocating.