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A little more push and we'll reach the goal!

Wow, I literally just found out about this about 20 minutes ago and signed up. Saw a thread on rpgnet. Came here for the first time in years and was surprised I even remembered my password to sign in. Qstor was the first person I thought of and I'm glad to see you are still posting! I have always loved NC and secretly hoped it would get the PF treatment. It was my favorite 3P 3.0 game, and I laugh every time I go to some game store during my travels and see a copy. So, awesome!! And cheers!

Michael Dean

Thanks! The Kickstarter fully funded. It's good to see some more Northern Crown stuff coming it. I'm a HUGE fan of the setting too!.

I actually forgot my boards password and had to have the Atlas higher ups reset it LOL