Kingdom of Georgia

Hi. We've finally resurrected our local group and are just starting our new game. We're starting by the Black Sea, near the northern edge of the Kingdom of Georgia, founding a new covenant outside the current boundaries of any tribunal. We've been reading up on the Kingdom of Georgia. It's a really interesting time there between all the growth (politically and culturally) that has just happened and the Mongols on the doorstep. So, we're excited with the location.

Any advice on good references? Wikipedia is always a great place for me to start to get some names of persons, locations, etc. to look up. But sometimes finding everything after that isn't the easiest. So if anyone knows of an fairly accessible resources to non-historians with fluency in English and Hebrew, it'd be really appreciated.



Ooh, another Hebrew speaker. (I'm rusty.)



There you can find some images of Georgian troops

Here comes the entry for the armies of Georgia (1008 -1683) from the DBM rules set

The list is composed of knights, light horse and foot archers and spearmen. The knights are not as heavily armoured as their western equivalents, and the foot tends to be of average to poor quality. Bow are fairly good and operare both in skirmish formation and in closely knit companies of archers. There is also a number of javelinmen skirmishers. The light horse can be either retainers of the knights or the mentioned settled Cumans. In general, it seems the army was more "arab style" than European style", even if they were Christians.

Heraldry blog for Georgia:

I will try to update this with pictures of DBA armies later on.

Hope that helps!

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