Kitty Colors Collaboration!


Magical Kitties lovers, we need your help! We're working on a cute and useful Kitty Colors Poster to help indecisive players pick their favorite kitty to play. We want to include breed names and patterns/colors/markings, but we didn't keep track of which kitty is which!

Is it a Korat, Russian Blue, or a fawn domestic shorthair? Is that a blaze, a stripe, or a star on its face? Are those white socks or a full tuxedo? Help us decide! They're numbered so you can tell us how we should describe them on the poster, and help save the day!

(Note that this art may change slightly for the final poster.)

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#4 I think this is an orange domestic shorthair tabby. But that's an easy one!

#5 in the top right corner looks like my cat so I’d say it’s a tortoiseshell cat. (AKA Tortie). Looks like it could be the brindled coat pattern, but could also be changed into the tabby pattern (known as a Torbie) if the V on her head is changed into more of an M shape. Fun fact: almost all torties are female.

Oh my gosh! Thanks so much. That's super helpful … "brindled" is not a term I'd ever heard until right now, but I think you're right. LOL!

You’re welcome! I didn’t know brindled either until I looked up more info on Torties after I got mine.

I’ll also take a look later when I’m not on a work break and see if I can ID any other possible patterns/breeds for you guys.

Hi! I hope this helps!

And if anyone has anything to add or correct, feel free to do so!

#6, #9, #35, #38 and #39, look like they have grey tabby colouration. #35 could also be a brown tabby.
#8 looks like a diluted calico for colouration. #24 could also be a diluted calico, but could also be the classic calico as it looks like it’s in the shadows.
#10 and # 30 look like tuxedo colouration.
#31 and #36 look like point colouration. #31 looks like it could be a blue point or lilac point. #36 looks like a seal point or my favourite, chocolate point.
As for breeds, #31 and #36 could be a Siamese, Balinese, Thai, or Tonkinese breed. Could also be a medium-haired Tonkinese/Tibetan.
#34 could be a bengal cat breed. Coat pattern could be a weird combo of spots and stripes. It could also be an ocicat.
#14 reminds me of a Russian blue. They have a silvery blue coat and green eyes.
I don’t know why, but #23 has Norwegian Forest Cat vibes. They are also called Skogkatt.
#7 - cat’s don’t typically have white spots like that (usually the opposite), so it could be a grey colour that’s turning white from vitiligo.

Thanks much! That gives us a really good start. :slight_smile:

I was looking for something similar. I am looking Cat playing card decks to fit the bill. They also make a few other backyard animals and dog breed decks that i was also looking into. Using them like other rpg use decks of "Face cards" for NPCs. There was also a small card game called Name that Kitty that has a deck of kitty pictures and a deck of names that seem like it good be a good source of inspiration for a new GM or younger players that may struggle with theater of the mind. Just thought I would share.

The Action Cats card game by Keith Baker is basically a bunch of kitty photos. Another good accessory for helping indecisive players pick a character in MK! Plus it's a fun game in itself, too. :slight_smile:

I found a great and cheap solution for a getting bunch of cat pics for inspiration. Amazon sells those stickers that people put on wattle bottles and computers. I got a 300 pack of assorted cute animal stickers for $10. So i can create a recurring squirrel NPC with a pic and any other animal i want. As an added bonus, i can let my nieces pick a sticker to keep when they play.


15 looks like a Nebelung like my Klaus

Thanks, Cat! What a cutie!