Knights of the Green Stone initiations?

Just one thing I noticed when reading about the Knights of the Green Stone in Mysteries, Revised. At Knight rank, they can initiate Major Magical Focus: Gemstones or Major Potent Magic: Gemstones.
Now I would believe that Gemstones should be a Minor Magical Focus. Any thoughts?


Yeah, i think i'd agree. Minor seems like a better fit, unless i'm missing a big opportunity for abuse (maybe for enchanting items)

Same thing here.

I'm thinking that the Magical Focus could be switched with another Major Virtue. What else would be suitable for the Knights? I was thinking Holy Magic first, but this cult is more magical than divine.. or is it? In that case, I'm sure there will be something suitable in RoP: Magic. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions of what other virtue would be good instead of Magical Focus or Potent Magic in Gemstones?
How about Magical Focus or Potent Magic in.. travel? Just travel magics. Wouldn't that fit with the questing ideals of the Knights?


What about broadening the focus to Stones in general: gemstones, rough stones, stone objects?