Lab Improvement Rules?

Hi Guys,

I was curious about which book has the Lab Improvement Rules for 5th Edition? I have the 4E Wizard's Grimoire... I'm just curious where the 5E analogue to those 4E rules are.




He is right. So far as I know there are not any details of this anywhere else. Which is a real shame tbh. I confess I havent readeverything so I could be wrong.

They are in Covenants, and I saw no other rules elsewhere.

By the way, it is great book, very useful to any players group as covenants rules and background and quite small in core rulebook, and you should consider buying it for this if not for the laboratory improvement rules.

Lab Improvement rules are only found in Covenants, and that's where they should be. I like this system a lot better than the 4th ed WGRE. Sure, that had its moments, but I think the 5th ed Cavenants is more flexible. And a speciality in an Art or Activity doesn't subtract from other tasks. Start out easy and slow, and you'll master the lab improvement rules in little time.
The expanded book rules are ok.
But where I really think that book wins, is with the Covenant Boons and Hooks. Great fun to design a covenant for a saga.