lab item(research gnome)

the researsh gnome is a metal constuct that does research for the mage while he/she sleeps & transmits the information to the mage during sleep allowing the mage to get double the xp. for any subject(chosen by the mage)fore the season,the gnome only works during the night or any place without light(magical means of seeing in the dark deactivates the gnome instantly)
tell me what you think of this item & how it might be made better. 8)

Don't like this one so much. Too munchkiny. If it is even possible to transfer/create lasting knowledge, I would make it a ritual. Even then, this is one of those cases where I'd be a killer DM and say "No".

However, along the lines of your idea, such a construct could be a useful Lab magic item, contributing specialization points towards Texts.

Yeah I agree with marko here. An absolute no from me on all kinds of levels.

  • Is the gnome as good as you are to warrant doubling your XP
  • Are you actually getting any sleep if you brain is being filled with knowledge while you are suposed to be asleep.
  • Such a magic item would seem to have an enormous creation cost... as it would need a huge number of powerful enchantments to be able to actually conduct the reseach, let alone translate it into your head.
  • well, frankly it stinks to high heaven of power-gaming. If that isn't your intention then sorry, but I am certain it would be widely abused by such people.

Just my thoughts.

The concept is fine though, just not the execution (doubling of XP).

Having such a creation that perhaps added +X to texts as a lab item would be perfectly fine IMO, indeed it has a bit of character.

all are valid opinions(a correction to my earler posting,you gain +8 to text research)

all are valid opinions(a correction to my earler posting,you gain +8 to text research & yes you get sleep while the info is put into your head,you just need half agian as much sleep as normal)

Sodalis Abe, if you are following the rules found from Covenants, the level required for your Research Gnome to give +8 bonus would be 80. I believe the rule was +1 bonus / 10 lab total, but I am not sure since I don't have my books with me. It might have been +1 per 20 levels. Good thing that I don't have a quarrel with you. I would hate to fight a Certamen against you.

I thought it was +1 per magnitude. But still thats rather high.

It's +1 for every ten levels for specializations, +1 per 20 for Characteristics. And that's for the over all level, not just the base level.

o.key then.(you said speliziation in texts,so that's what I thought the bonus should be for this item,spelization wise)

No, no, you have it right. If the end level of the gnome was 80, then you would accurately have 8 points for Specialization (or four points for direct Characteristics).

These are all modifiers to your Laboratory, following the Laboratory Customization rules given in Covenants for fifth edition.

So you are aiming in the right direction :slight_smile:


on a related note what sort of lab items have you fine people created? :confused:

Even though I despise being called 'fine', here are some minor laboratory enhancements planned by a maga in the other of our current sagas. They aren't in use yet because the maga in question doesn't even have a laboratory yet. In fact, the main building of the covenant hasn't been built yet.

Shielding Runes for Spell Testing Chamber (ReVi20)
These runes prevent and slow down residual magical energies leaking away from Spell Testing Chamber and thus add +1 to Safety of the lab.

Bronze Phoenix Statue (ReIg20)
Upon command this statue guides fires outside the Testing Chamber (but inside the laboratory) inside it and thus provides a +1 Safety bonus to the laboratory.

Brass Dragon Statue (CrIg20)
This statue produces a flame from it's mouth allowing the maga to heat up things rapidly and thus grants +2 Experimentation bonus.

Brass Sea Serpent Statue (PeIg20)
This statue produces a jet of icy wind from it's mouth allowing the maga to cool down things rapidly and thus grants +2 Experimentation bonus.

Silver Angel Statue (CrVi20)
This statue produces a stream of mystic energies - a minor ley-line if you wish - to excite the mystical experiment and thus grants +2 Experimentation bonus.

Obsidian Devil Statue (PeVi20)
This statue devours mystical energies from the testing chamber thus allowing the maga to perform experimental tests in low-magic environments granting +2 Experimentation bonus.

All the items are modest in power, but so is the maga in question - she is barely out of apprenticeship after all.

Any new thoughts on the subject?


My can of spinach item could possibly give a +2 to safety rating by way of preventing you from straining your back from heavy objects!

It is essentially the tireless servant [Cov], but in a less ... controversial ... shape for some. You can vary it endlessly to increase or change the bonuses.