lab item(size inlarger)

this lab item enlarges the mage thussly giving him/her extended reach in the lab(you get +1 to lab rolls when reach would be benificial)
tell me what you think of this item

You have to give us more details about, but I do not think that Magic Items give this kind of bonus... In the core rulebook you have plenty of effects to instill in a magic item (ie: the spells's effects), so check the spells's guidelines to have an idea about it!

The only way I Know to have an item with different kind of bonus is to own an item of superior quality (see City and Guild).

Good Labwork!

Enlarging the mage also makes the lab crowded.
Looking at the Diminutive flaw for a lab, the effect could be as bad as -1 general quality, -2 safety, -1 health, -1 aesthetics.
And you can have same effect from something like Unseen arm/porter.

I am sitting here thinking: who is this Abe guy and why does that name(and the relevance of his questions) ring a bell.

Abrahamray from the old forums FTW!!!!!

this item can be reversed so that the lab is less crowded & you can get more work done.

There are Virtues that confer extra Size (Large, Giant Blood), but they have no effect on Lab Totals. Neither does the Muto Corpus spell Preternatural Growth and Shrinking. Presumably when magi need to reach things more easily they just move them closer to where they're working.