Labour points and magic

Hi all,
not been on here for a while and I can't remember my old details. I was "Brutus ex Verditius", now merely Brutus.

So, my magus is a Goldsmith...

He is setting up a mundane workshop and wants to use magic to make things easier.

He has a craft score of 6, +2 puissant, +2 dex. According to City & Guild he would generate 10 times wealth modifier points per season.
If he has 3 lesser devices which save him time (all 3 are low-level ReTe effects) how does this alter his labour points?

The devices save him roughly 3 to 4 hours a day, which is a 3rd of his time freed up.

How does this affect his Labour points?

What about how much goods he can make in a season?

You could treat the devices as assistants that don't require Leadership. The SG could assign a value based on that.

But I really wonder what the point is. (I know for a Verditius doing Verditius Runes, but that takes the season for the one thing anyway, so that's not relevant here.) Invent a ReTe craft magic spell or two and have a decent Finesse score (with a specialty in Terram or Craft Magic or something similar). With the Craft score as it is, he'll already have the -3 offset by +3 for familiarity. For safety reasons, Master each one and choose the Finesse bonus. Even if he wastes a little material, he should be able to produce far more in a week than he could do in a season with all those devices.


One thing to keep in mind is that Labor Points are only required if being a goldsmith is his actual profession (not necessarily the case as a Magus, as far as I can tell they're more often Landowners or Investors more than anything else).

If the above is indeed the case, I'd go with Callen's suggestions.

My Magus is establishing himself in the local town as a Goldsmith, he has joined the guild and been accepted as a Master.

The goal was to have a visible source of income for him, a house in town where mundanes can meet and a foot in the door of the local political scene.

I am trying to work out how much of his time he needs to spend working in his shop and how much he can spend at his lab. It would also be handy for calculating the improving wealth of the business.