Hi all,

I'm just wondering if the lance has any particular benefit. Seems to me that it does less damage than most for a minor initiative bonus, and some weapons are just flat better than it (A long sword for instance.)

Just seems a bit off for my perception of how often lances would have been used by cavalry.

Am I missing something? Does the horse take the burden, perhaps?

[strike]IIRC in Lords of men there is something like x2 damage when using a lance in mounted combat and charging with your horse.[/strike]

Normally a charge require expanding a fatigue level for a bonus of the minimum of [combat ability or +3* ] but in the case of a horse charge (thus with lance automatically?) it's the horse, not the rider.

  • I find this limitation rather weak... If I were to decide, I would simply allow a +combat ability when charging with lance. That would ensure their supremacy on the battlefield when it comes to charging. (Remember that the character could also tire himself for a total of 3x combat ability. That is a truesome danger in the hands of anyone with expert ability in the single weapon art (6+). For a great master (10+) it's almost enough to kill even most supernatural foes.)

It's a pity I don't use more lords of men, but the focus of the story is too scarcely grogs or companions so I'm not sure if i'm correct in my assumption about this.

Once upon a time, you added you Size to damage when charging.
If you were mounted, you added the Size of the mount as well.

As an alternative, I would suggest to add the Ride ability when charging with lance.