Land of Fire and Ice 4th Ed:Help needed [SPOILERS]

I'm running a campaign loosely (increasingly loosely) based on the old 4th ed source book, and one of the things that has not got removed is the fact that a ship was sank by the Local Dragon. On board were 12 Flambeau Magi looking for the "order of Odin". I told my players that they were not allowed Flambeau characters ... and now they know why.

for some reason I didn't anticipate their reaction:

"Who-hoo! Loot!"

Their plan is now to find the wreck and grab all the cool stuff that they think the Crusaders brought with them.
It will take a while for them to locate, but one of them is an elementalist, so the spells will be developed quite quickly.

I can distract them with a Regio of Aegir's Realm who has claimed the wreck as his due, and assorted sea monsters, but I need a good cache of stuff for them to find beyond "lots of Ignem and Perdo Vis".

So any ideas on what the 12 Flambeau might have taken (and could have survived being under the sea for a few years?


Items to buff grogs. Armor that proves soak maybe a few items that cast PeVi effects on elemental forms and has a fast trigger.
Magic weapons with a high penetration, of course.

A powerful talisman or 2. Way above normal major items.

Talismans are definitely the way to go, thank you! If I vcreate so good ones, I'll try and post them...


Another clear option are casting tablets in durable materials, like stone. Casting tablets in more common (and less durable) materials like parchment will have been destroyed. A circular stone casting tablet for a Mystic tower is a clear option for a bunch of guys that were going there and did not care to be discrete and wanted a safe haven. It can contain 7 holes to place vis pawns in a heptagram and be perfectly circular, for example.

For the talismans a staff is always cool. Make the second something unusual, like a cloak a broom (auram magus?) or a pair of gauntlets (school of close combat, can’t recall the name). A broom able to control the weather, flight and summon hailstorms and lightning sounds cool. Maybe it contains a powerful auram spirit that can be talked to.

having a Divine or Infernal relic magically preserve din the wreck is also a clear option.

If you ant something else, what about an item that is a story hook, like a magically preserved hand of glory that can detect vis sources and turn holy items into vis if you do something minor like stomping them? (read RoP:I). I got a character of mine corrupted unawares by another trupe member (beta SG) when he used this trick. It was cool and created a great opportunity for roleplaying. He ended up corrupting my Gift and making it a False Gift, even. We like that kind of drama. No need to go to such extremes, but granting an infernal vis creator (free vis!!!) is always a good idea, specially if you go for a vis poor saga approach.