Land of Fire & Ice: Updating and fixing the Toframanna Saga

Quite so. Unless one also spoke the language of the other :slight_smile: .

For some real, complicated history of languages in medieval Scotland have a look at ... s_language and the main articles it references (tmk no German version of these pages, sorry).
Btw, isn't the ArM4 Vindolanda at the Hadrian's Wall situated in Northumbria? In that case the people around it - on both sides of the wall - would speak the Northumbrian dialect of Old English. That's English (Northumbrian) in ArM5.


As I understand, Gaelic and English are both Indo-European languages, and that's about how closely related they are.
English is more closely related to Latin - and during that periode, both languages would likely have been contaminated by the Norse languages spoken by the vikings. :-/


Actually, English is a Germanic language, not a Romance language. However, it was heavily influenced by French and Latin over the years. But at the time we're looking at it hadn't been influenced by them for nearly so long.

I know. That was sort of my point. English is a germanic language, and yet still more closely related to Latin than to Gaelic. After 1066 anyway.

It is. Noticed that soon after posting as well.

Went to the local university library this week and picked up a few books - lots of interesting stuff in there. Snorri is bound to become a major player in this saga. :wink:

English is what happens when a French nobleman fathers a son on his Anglo-Saxon wife... and the child gets occasional visits from its crazy Norwegian uncle and is educated by monks.

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