Language magic

Is it possible to magically understand a foreign language ?

As sound is a specium, would it ne InIm spell ?
Or, words meaning being in the head, is it InMe spell ?

Maybe it is undoable and it requires a break through hermetic theory ?

The InMe level 25 spell "Thoughts within babble" (p149 of the English language Ars Magica 5th edition) allows you to understand the speech of those you can hear. It uses the base guideline level 5 "understand the meaning behind spoken sounds" with concentration duration and your sense of hearing as a target.

There is no form corresponding to "knowledge", so you can't magically translate written words, only understand the meanings from another person's mind. Maybe a breakthrough would allow you to magically understand without reading minds.

I'm sure there was a thread discussing magic translation of books but I can't remember it right now.

TME p.99f Limitations to Hermetic Theory gathers the restrictions on knowledge and language processing with Hermetic magic.


It appears that you can understand what another person means to say when he says it, through something like a limited form of telepathy (so InMe) that bypasses the language barriers. You are not understanding the language per se; among other things, you can't have someone else speak words in a language he does not understand and use Hermetic magic to understand them yourself.

Well sodales seem to have Quickness+4 !

"Thoughts within babbles" didn't mention if it only works with understood language, which got our group confused.

Anyway, thanks for these explanations.