Latin and German: Translate this Covenant's name?

Alright. The covenant is finally named:

The Covenant of the Exalted Phoenix.

I'm secretly hoping they change it, but it is their name, chosen by them!

Now, can any kind soul translate this into latin? Effere Phoenix? No? Help?

Also, since it is in the Rhine Tribunal, the name in German name would likewise be of help!

Thanks in advance! The game is going well!


Das Covenant der gehobenen Phönix ?

Hmm I am from Germany but let me say that many englisch names are hard to translate directly.

The case of the exalted phoenix... hrm... Das Konvent des erhabenen Phönix or Das Konvent des erleuchtenden Phönixes or Das Konvent des erleuchteten Phönix or Das Konvent des auferstandenen Phönix or das Konvent des strahlenden Phönix.

I'm not sure what word should be used for "covenant" in Latin, but we use domus in domus magna, so if that's the precedent, I believe it would be:

Domus Phoenixis Elati ("DOH-moos FAY-neecks-ees ail-AH-tee", "House of the Exalted Phoenix")

If you want another word, like castellum, templum, or turris (though probably not "tower," right?) you can just substitute it for domus as long as it's the nominative case, which is how all nouns in your dictionary should be presented.

We always translate Covenant with "bund" as in Covenant of the Ark = Bundeslade

Der Bund des Erhabenen Phönix

Coetis (NOT Colitus) could work, it means coming together or gathering.
Pactum does literally mean Covenant, but it is more towards a written or spoken Covenant. Like a pact.

Besides that I like the use of Domus... Domus is a good logical word. :smiley: Go for that.

German: "Bund des erhabenen Phoenix".
Notes: 'Der Konvent' is just a convent, a monastery, and 'das Konvent' is bad German.

Latin: "Sodalicium Phoenicis Elati" or "Sodalitas Phoenicis Elati" or "Societas Phoenicis Elati".
Notes: 'Sodalicium' and 'sodalitas' stress - IMO aptly for a newly founded covenant - more the contributions of its individual members, and 'societas' more its organizational aspects. The latter might also collide with the terminology for the third HoH book.
'Phoenixis' is wrong declination.

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Whoops, my bad. Yes, it should be Phoenicis ("FAY-nee-kees") instead.

Hrm in our german group (and all other i met on conventions) used Konvent instead of Bund, because Bund sounds gay g

"Bund" sounds gay??? There are many words, which sound gay imho, but bund?? because of "bunt" (coloured) maybe?? do you ever say genau (gaynau :wink: ) in your playgroup? :smiley:

well.... Konvent sounds clerical

but use whatever you want to use ^^

g When I hear Bund i have to think about the Bundeswehr, the BUND or Marriage. :smiley:
Konvent sounds more medivial to me... and i also think that the typical Covenant is very simular to many monastery (not all monks were the sterotypic poor monks: most monasterys were very, very rich in many ways).
But I think its a matter of personal taste.

Btw: are you german?

Oh yeah, Bund from Bündnis, Verbund... ok, marriage ^^

And you´re right, a Covenant isn´t always so different from a convent... but hey, were mages are supreme :smiley:

Of course it´s personal taste... and maybe I call it bund, ´cause I´m gay lol

yes, I´m german, from munich

:open_mouth: King David dancing before the ark of the covenant (German: 'Bundeslade') mixed up with last weekend's CSD parade???


Oh, I see! :unamused:

No, there's no need for a little Verditius to hide in a convent for fear of being considered gay. When people look at him quizzically, its because of his Gift! :laughing:

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Thanks to all who have replied!

Latin hurts my brain...