Latin knowledge needed!

I want to give my magus to 'Manius the Black' or 'Manius Black' in Latin.
Manius Nigra is ok?

Manius Nigerius should be correct... Though my grammar is rather rusty, so I might be off. :slight_smile:

It really depends on what sense you intend by "The Black". If it is a reference to his deeds or some inherent evil nature/disposition then you have a much wider range of options than if you simply mean "black skinned" or the colour black (which wouldnt make much sense as a cognomen within Latin conventions anyways I should think).

Some excellent resources on how to develop a Roman cognomen (nickname) that I found are:

or an active society you could email to ask such questions to:

He has black skin. So Manius Nigerius sounds good.

You also could call him

Manius Attelus (meaning "Dark Skinned") which might ring better to modern ears anyways.

Taken from this link:

(acroll down to the list of names with meanings.

Which leads me to ask the universal question: What kind of music do black-skinned magi prefer? Reggo perhaps? :wink:

I don't care American political issues. America wasn't discovered in the time of ArM. :smiley:
But I found there the cognomen Niger! Thanks for the link! 8)

Exactly. :slight_smile:

So then, you need to start the first ARM5 band "Manius Black and the Dreaded Locks! :wink:

alternatively you could give him a name based on where he's from.

Manius the Ethiope, (whatever that'd be in latin), etc.

He's black because of his fairie heritage.
Thanks anyway the idea.