Lazy European Animals?

I'm looking for good familiars for a really lazy maga. Sadly, sloths don't appear to be (readily?) available in medieval Europe. 600 years prior, hippopotamus would've been possible, but well, that's 600 years late. A male lion is looking like a plausible option, but they don't seem exactly lazy, since rather than not doing much while awake, they're incredibly active and fast-moving while awake, and just sleep a lot. So what other options might work for animals with lazy traits to match the maga they'll be bound to?

House cats I suspect are thought of as the lazy sleeping type even back then. Pigs, while generally more associated with gluttony, can likely be associated with sloth. One of Aesop's fables specifically cites the grasshopper & donkey as lazy characters. Cuckoo birds are seen as lazy because of the association with dropping their eggs in other birds' nests. Snails are another slow and laziness-associated creature, if I had to guess.

What about the bear? The bear template seen in a couple of books has Slothful +3 as a personality trait and the Mythic Blood virtue associated with Birna's line lists Slothful as the Personality Flaw acquired.

Turtles/tortoises? Slow for sure. Lazy? I can't remember for sure if that was the commonly-held belief of the time.

If you want exotic, but possible, how about the red panda? Cat-sized, does little but eat and sleep according to Wikipedia.

What about a dormouse (see After all, it hibernates, and is considered a prodigy of sleepiness.


I don't think the Lion was considered lazy in Mythic Europe

The grasshopper is generally portrayed as more dilettante musician than lazy.
cats are generally the go to for lazy, being both domesticated and nocturnal. Next would be a cow.