Learning Magic Theory from Vis

Are there rules in 5th Edition for learning Magic Theory from from Vis?

I couldn't find them. Are they in another book?

Not that I remember. You learn it from books, teaching or exposure when working in the lab on just about anything.

Ok. I knew they were in 4th and 3rd...
So that must have been cut.


I'll just need to figure out its "Source" value then based on the 1, 2, or 3 pawns used. Anyone have any suggestions?

I got my copy of 5th ed on Friday. I have been using 4th ed up till now ( though I have a 1st ed on my shelf somewhere ).

Based on how they changed the rules for studying from Vis, I would apply the same idea for studying Magic Theory.

Vis studying an art requires 1 pawn per portion of 5 levels of Art the caster possesses.

For Magic Theory, I would say that it requires 1 pawn per current level of Magic Theory plus 1 ( If your covenant were rich in vis then you might make this 2 pawn per current level plus 2 ). I would further specify that the pawns of vis had to be a mix of technique and form if 2 or more pawns of vis were involved ( meaningful interactions rule ). ( For clarity if your Magic Theory score was 4 then it would take 5 pawns of vis with at least one pawn being a technique and one pawn being a form and the rest being proportions of the the technique and form like 2/3 or 1/4 ).

The source quality would be; Stress Die + Aura Bonus

Which is the same for source quality for studying an Art. The experience cost difference for arts compared to abilities would level the rest of it out.

This would be my best suggestion if a player came to me and wanted to study Magic Theory from Vis.