Legacy of Flambeau (pre fifth edition)

I have been collecting old books on e-bay and digging around old material that I thought I knew. But I have discovered new lore about my favorite founder! I had always thought he had just the two surviving apprentices, Apromor and Delendos. But I have discovered references to others. There is one from 4th edition Mysteries, a name I forgot but I know where to find it. And I was told there is another.
Does anyone have any information about this lore? I want to track down these old books and expand upon the mixed mythology I use in my game.

I think it popped up first in either Tribunal: Iberia in 3rd or Houses of Hermes for 4th.

Personally, I prefer the 5th edition adaption, Flambeau Apocrypha which first appeared in Sub Rosa.

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Much love and respect :smiley:
I wrote that over a dozen years ago in reaction to Societates. I was such a jerk about it that I just about burnt down the Berklist. However, I have reformed. Andrew Gronosky helped me write that Sub Rosa piece, and from there I went on to participate in three Ars books. If you look closely at the Va Negra chapter of Faith & Flame, you may noticed how I retconned and reintroduced Delendar and Delendos as part of Flambeau lore.
For my saga, I expanded upon the Apocrypha in this unfinished piece called History of House Flambeau. But as I said, I discovered there is old information I did not know about and/or had not considered, and I want to mix it in with my hybrid mythology.

Abydaros! That is one of them. I just looked it up in ArM4 Mysteries. An esoteric lineage. But there is one more, and I do not know where to look. It is from 4th edition.

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