Legal limits on trading with mundanes: where are they?

I know I've seen material laying down guidelines on what Magi are allowed to sell to mundanes in the way of magical items. I can't seem to find them in the Guernicus and Mercere articles nor in COVENANTS. Am I remembering something from a previous edition?

Verditius chapter in mystery cults. Page 111, crises in the order.

Thank you, though that's not what I'm remembering. My memories involve Magi only being allowed to sell lesser enchantments or maybe only charged items or maybe only those with an expiry date built in. Anyone have any other suggestions?

IIRC, the Treaty of Rome sets limits on selling to mundanes, although this is a 3rd Ed product so may no longer be considered canon. Have a mooch at The Tribunals of Hermes: Rome, pages 38-39


Lords of men pages 38-39 deals briefly with this. "Varies in each Tribunal", but suggests one item per year and mundane (noble), always sold through servants.

I think you are forgetting to look in the main rules...


Ah, yeah that's it. Thanks.

Yet another stupid nerfing detail in the background. Every time I come across something like this I want to run a game set at the foundation of the Order so that they can put a little common sense into the relations with the rest of humanity.

Let me direct you to a store selling pens so you can strike it out of your copy of ArM5. Shouldn't cost you more than a pawn of vis or so.