[Legends of Hermes]: Ancient Magic's little brother?

Check out the table of contents:


It FEELS to me like it's a mix of story seeds, character stuff, crunchy rules bits, and other spurs for the imagination. It may not see total usage in your saga, but it may be some pretty meaty food for thought and inspiration.

So, it seems a fair bit like Ancient Magic in that respect, as opposed to a Magi of Hermes.

What do people make of the ToC?


It also seems to be a book on adventures. Mix and match of stuff there, really. I like it :slight_smile:


Holy crap, that looks packed full of goodness!

Mmmm crunchy chewy and probably bad for your teeth. :smiley:

It's only 4 or 5 pages shorter, it's not too much littler.

That would be spot-on. "Not Particularly Ancient Magic" wasn't a very catchy title, though, so we went with Legends of Hermes.

The adventure-y bits are developed in more detail than in Ancient Magic, but it's not quite a book of adventures; you would need to do a bit of work to get them ready to run for a troupe, I think.

There are 2 entries for Thomae's Control Chain, and 2 for his Tender. Obviously I havn't read the book, and maybe that's correct. But it seems more likely a typo. Assuming a typo, can it be fixed before it's sent to the printers, or too late?

You know I'd buy a book called "Not Particularly Ancient Magic" but I'm a bit of a sucker for Ars books anyway.

I would buy Realms of Mundania: Grog Epitaphs if such a book was ever considered.
Too bad there isn't an Auto-Debit my Account option for each new Ars publication.

I'm not sure about the costs involved, but I think many Ars Magica fans would prefer a straight subscription model like Paizo has for their products. The issue there of course, is that Atlas then competes with its own merchants who sell their stock.

When I first heard about this book at Grand Tribunal last year, I thought it was just going to be a collection of Magi biographies, and thought this might be the very first AM book that I don't buy. But upon reading the TOC, I am very excited. The fact that the Magi have left something behind for Seekers to Seek, and that there are nice 10 page adventures for each (even if not fully fleshed out), well, I will order it as soon as it's available. The more adventures in my library the better!!!

Well for my part I'm not so excited... I don't like those magi who are new and are only legendary because the book say so :smiley:.

It's the same legends that the ones you read one page before in some book.

This must be getting close. Any updates on the release date?

It's supposed to be with distributors by the middle of next week; it'll probably take a little longer to reach shops.

blog.atlas-games.com/2011/05/new ... um=twitter

So not only Legends of Hermes but Realms of Power: The Divine too!

Amazon has both listed for pre-order:
amazon.com/Legends-Hermes-Ma ... _rhf_p_t_3
amazon.com/Realms-Power-Divi ... _rhf_p_t_2

Can't see any pre-order links at Warehouse 23.

I'm kinda looking forward to legends :slight_smile:

My copy of Legends of Hermes has just arrived! :smiley:
Does that mean the authors are free to talk about it?


I'd like at this early point to make clear that Ben's griffins in Sub Rosa, and mine in LoH, were developed independently. He and I have this habit of writng the same stuff at the same time, but his tends to come out first. 8)