Legnica or Leynica

I'm having a bit of a hard time finding information about this town.

Whatever help anyone can give me is welcome.

Thanks in advance!

This one? Polish, sometimes czech, town?


Wikipedia is usually your friend! :wink:


The very same.

My game is set in 1156 though, and I'm not even sure who claimed ownership to the city then, and I'm thinking they spoke Old Polish, but possibly some Middle High German as well.

And was the town claimed by the Duke of Poland (Duke of Krakow) or someone else?

Pretty easy combination of




tells me it was claimed by the Duke of Masovia, who also happened to be High Duke of all Poland at the time - until 1173.

Here is some background for the period of Polish rule around that time period.


From the link in the above article to Boleslaw III, you can read more in this article...


and here is an article detailing the fragmentation of rule and the troubles that ensued...

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fragmentat ... 38-1295.29
(scroll down to "Fragmentation and Invasion 1138-1295")

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Wolf, This article seems to indicate a different final authority than ol Curly (typical of convoluted European histories)...


BoXer, aren't you off by a century in that last article?

And I would tend to trust a .gov.pl site in polish matters :slight_smile:

DOH! You're right, so much for my concentration roll on that one! :blush:

This was great, thanks!