Lesser enchanted devices

I want to make an invisibility cloak with the following perimeters:
A) I must be able to move while being invisible
B) Activation when I put the hood over my head
C) Usable 12 times per day

  1. Must I use the perimeters for PeIm (20) Veil of Invisibility or can I create an invisibility effect that does not cast a shadow
  2. To use it 12 times per day, I will add +4 levels.
  3. If I use a cloak, will I get +5 in form/effect bonus and will I get an additional +4 if I can incorporate clear glass (like a few beads that ends the strings for the hood)?

This means that I will be forced to have a labtotal of 48 to make this cloak, or have I misunderstood?

  1. You must create an effect much like Veil of Invisibility, yes. And it will cast a shadow. There is no avoiding that since turning yourself invisible is a matter of destroying the images (species) your body emits, whereas eradicating your shadow is a matter of making light fall off you in the right way (a Creo Ignem effect). You can add an effect to eliminate shadows to a magic item, but can't pack both effect into one lesser enchanted device.

  2. Assuming that is what is listed in the frequency chart - ok.

  3. You can get both a bonus for the Cloak shape and the Glass material, yes. Assuming your Magic Theory is high enough.


If you have your maga/magus use the cloak they will have to momentarily suppress their magic resistance as they activate the effect.

I agree that you've got the mechanics correct.

So what you say, you can't use any magical items on yourself unless you suppress your parma.

It must suck that you die, if you get unconscious and bleeding to death when your friends healing potion wont help you, because you happen to have a high parma.

You can use your talisman if you have range Personal effects in it (that's one of the cool things about talismans, as well as enchantments from your familiar binding) and, obviously, you can use devices that have penetration in excess of your magic resistance.

As far as healing potions, they're challenging to make because you can't put a ritual into an enchanted device (without the correct mystery virtue). The most common healing spell is one that grants a bonus to recovery rolls, that one can wait until sundown. You could make a potion to stop the bleeding and do first aid sort of stuff with rego corpus and you could have a healing potion that will last until sundown (when your parma expires). It is possible, even if one house rules the penetration of charged devices (potions) to be reasonable, to make a healing potion of one of these sorts that has sufficient penetration to be pretty effective versus magi (especially if your magi work in a group).

More likely however, you'll want your healing done by a fellow magus or maga (you'll probably have to make due with a grog who has chirurgury , but you'll want a magus or maga). A caster can use the available arcane connections that you are bleeding on to the ground to increase the multiplier on his or her penetration score and proabably penetrate your magic resistance.

What about effects that affect an area around the target? For example, Ward Against Heat and Flame keeps fire 1 pace away from the target. If the spell is targeting a cloak, 1 pace should still be more than enough to protect a person wearing the cloak.

So technically,
say that I am unable to use aquam, and my good friend makes me a cloak with the effect of "Cloak of Duck's feathers" so that I do not get wet when it rains. I will never be able to have my Parma Magica up if I want to protect myself from the rain.

I.M.H.O. that rule is really harming the fun of the game.

Ah, no.
You just need to lower your Parma when he casts the spell.
Once the spell is cast, you can relax and let your Parma back up - Parma Magica (indeed all magic resistance) resists the initial casting but does not dispell existing effects.

Similarly for the cloak, you need to lower your Parma when turning invisible, but once the effect has 'caught', you can let your Parma back up, and stay invisible.
Tricky, but that's how it works. :slight_smile:

EDIT: corrected spelling, hopefully better now.

ah, i see.
Then i understand

If you want to avoid leaving a shadow, you would need a Creo requisite, but I believe you should be able to incorporate that into a single effect and put it into a lesser enchanted item.